Access Keys (Keyboard Shortcuts) for RJO’s Website

This is an expired page that has been left up for historical interest only. With XHTML 2 the accesskey attribute was largely deprecated, and it has since been removed from all my pages. The information below is no longer correct.

These experimental HTML access keys (keyboard shortcuts) are available from all pages on rjohara.net:

These access key shortcuts may be invoked in most Macintosh browsers by typing control-1, control-2, and so on, and in most Windows browsers by typing alt-1, alt-2, and so on. Other browsing systems and user agents may employ different methods for giving focus to and activating the shortcuts.

Access keys are coded into a webpage by means of the HTML accesskey attribute and they are an important contributor to web accessibility. The access key numbers assigned here are based on the UK Government accesskey standard. Jesper Tverskov’s recommendation to use the first letter of each menu item as the access key also merits consideration.

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