Ancestor Report (Continued)
Ancestor Report (Continued)

Eleventh Generation
1989. Sarah REYLEY, 8G Grandmother. Born in 1644. Died 15 Jan 1739/40.
1992. Peleg LAWRENCE508, 8G Grandfather, son of 3984. John LAWRENCE & 3985. Elizabeth COOKE. Born 10 Jan 1646/7. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, in 1692.

According to Bond’s Watertown,509 Peleg Lawrence “of Groton, m., 1668, ELIZABETH MORSE, b. Sept. 1, 1647, a sister of his brother Nathaniel’s wife. He d. in Groton, 1692, aged 45, and admin. was granted Mar. 13, 1692-3, to wid. Elizabeth, son Samuel, and Nathaniel Lawrence, Jr. June 7, 1714, in Sherburne, Elizabeth Lawrence gave her dr.-in-law Abigail, wid. of her son Samuel, a receipt for money.”
He married Elizabeth MORSE510, 8G Grandmother on 22 Dec 1668 Medfield, Massachusetts.511
They had the following children:
Elizabeth197, 8G Aunt (1669-)
Samuel197, 8G Uncle (1671-)
Maj. Eleazer, 7G Grandfather (1674-1754)
Jonathan197, 8G Uncle (1679-)
Abigail197, 8G Aunt (1681-)
Jeremiah197 (Died as Infant), 8G Uncle (1687-1687)
Joseph197, 8G Uncle (1688-)
Daniel197, 8G Uncle
Susanna197, 8G Aunt
1993. Elizabeth MORSE510, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3986. Joseph MORSE & 3987. Hannah PHILLIPS. Born on 1 Sep 1647. Died on 12 Jun 1715.323
1994. Samuel SCRIPTURE. (Same as number 846.)
1995. Elizabeth KNAPP. (Same as number 847.)
1996. Simon TUTTLE232, 8G Grandfather, son of 3992. John TUTTLE & 3993. Joan ANTROBUS. was baptized 10 Jan 1630/1 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Buried 11 Jan 1691/2 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Immigrated in 1635 “Planter”.

There is confusion in the literature concerning a number of details in the life of Simon Tuttle and his wife Sarah Cogswell. See under her name for further information.

Simon Tuttle was “Survived by 9 children. On 04 Apr 1674 Ipswich MA he deposed he was only living child of his parents.”512
He married Sarah COGSWELL513, 8G Grandmother 1662/3 Ipswich, Massachusetts.
They had the following children:
Joanna232, 8G Aunt (1664-)
John232, 8G Uncle (1666-1716)
Simon, 7G Grandfather (1667-1746)
Elizabeth232, 8G Aunt (1670-1752)
Sarah232, 8G Aunt (1672-)
Abigail232, 8G Aunt (1673-1756)
Susanna232, 8G Aunt (1675-)
William232, 8G Uncle (1677-)
Charles232, 8G Uncle (1679-1752)
Mary513 (Died as Child), 8G Aunt (1680-)
Jonathan513 (Died as Child), 8G Uncle (1682-)
Ruth232, 8G Aunt (1685-1728)
1997. Sarah COGSWELL513, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3994. John COGSWELL & 3995. Elizabeth THOMPSON. Born abt 1632 in Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England. Died in Ipswich, Massachusetts, on 25 Jan 1732. Immigrated in 1635 “Angel Gabriel” from Bristol to Pemaquid, Maine.

There is much confusion in the literature concerning the facts of Sarah Cogswell’s life. I follow here Donald James Cogswell’s Descendants of John Cogswell513 [DJC], and then note discrepancies in other sources.

DJC reports that Sarah Cogswell, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Thompson) Cogswell, was “Born circa 1632 in Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England. Died 25 Jan 1732 at age 100.” DJC further notes, with respect to son John Tuttle, that “The Tuttle Family Genealogy states that John Tuttle was the son of Simon Tuttle and Sarah Cogswell. The Burnham Family Genealogy states that John Tuttle was the son of Simon Tuttle and his first wife, Martha Ward.”514 (Gwen Campbell’s Tuttle genealogy515 identifies Martha Ward as son John’s wife, not his mother; the Burnham volume referred to is perhaps in error.) To add to the confusion, the list of Simon and Sarah (Cogswell) Tuttle’s children in DJC is prefixed by the words “Simon and Ruth (Cogswell) Tuttle had the following children:”514 The name ‘Ruth’ here would seem to be a simple error for ‘Sarah.’

Although DJC reports Sarah Cogswell’s birthdate as “circa 1632” and her deathdate as “25 Jan 1732”, Campbell’s Tuttle genealogy says Sarah Cogswell was born about 1645, and “d. 24 Jan 1732 Ipswich MA age 86”512 citing as sources for the couple “published vital records”, “Dawes-Gates Ancestral Lines, Ferris 1943; vol. 1, pg 600-605”, and “Hale, House and Related Families, Jacobus & Waterman 1952”. If this birthdate is correct then Sarah was born in New England rather than in England.

Both birthdates for Sarah Cogswell, abt 1632 and abt 1645, can be found in many other sources, especially on the web. Research in more nearly primary materials will be needed to clear up this confusion. It is possible there are two Sarah Cogswells combined here, or perhaps a missing generation.
1998. Samuel ROGERS, 8G Grandfather, son of 3996. Rev. Nathaniel ROGERS & 3997. Margaret CRANE. Born 16 Jan 1634/5 in Assington, Suffolk, England. Died in Ipswich, Massachusetts, on 21 Dec 1693. Immigrated in Nov 1636 London to Boston.
He married Sarah WADE516, 8G Grandmother on 13 Nov 1661 Ipswich, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Mary, 7G Grandmother (1672-1736)
1999. Sarah WADE516, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 3998. Jonathan WADE & 3999. Susanna _____. Born say 1641.
2016. John WRIGHT4, 8G Grandfather, son of 4032. John WRIGHT & 4033. Priscilla BYFIELD. Born abt 1631. Died in Woburn, Massachusetts, on 30 Apr 1714.
He married Abigail WARREN4, 8G Grandmother on 10 May 1661 Woburn, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
John, 7G Grandfather (1662-1730)
2017. Abigail WARREN4, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 4034. Arthur WARREN & 4035. Mary _____. Born on 27 Oct 1640 in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Died in Weymouth, Massachusetts, on 6 Apr 1726.
2018. John STEVENS. (Same as number 1796.)
2019. Elizabeth HILDRETH. (Same as number 1797.)
2020. Lieut. Thomas ADAMS517, 8G Grandfather, son of 4040. Henry ADAMS & 4041. Edith SQUIRE. was baptized on 25 Mar 1612 in Barton St. David, Somersetshire, England. Immigrated in 1638. on 10 May 1643. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 20 Jul 1688.

According to Bartlett,518 “‘Thomas Addames the sonne of Henry & Edith Addames was baptized xxvth day of Marche 1612.’ (Transcript for 1612 of parish register of Barton St. David.) He came to New England with his parents in 1638 and located with them in Braintree, but is first mentioned here as admitted a freeman of the Massachusetts Colony 10 May 1643. He next appears as one of the thirty-two Braintree petitioners concerning a land grant in Oct. 1645. (Massachusetts Colony Records, volume 2, pages 293 and 128.) He was of Concord, Mass., in 1646 where he and also his brothers John and Samuel Adams became land owners. On 1 Jan. 1654, Thomas Adams of Concord sold to Samuel Stratton of Concord ‘the house lately called the house of John Adams, last inhabited by William How.’ (Middlesex County Deeds, volume 1, page 167.) In 1655 he became one of the founders of Chelmsford, Mass., where he held various town offices and was a deputy to the Massachusetts General Court in 1673. In May 1678 he was appointed ensign and in May 1682 lieutenant of the Chelmsford military company, of which his brother Samuel Adams was captain. (Massachusetts Colony Records, volume 5, pages 189 and 358.) ‘Thomas Adams died July 20, 1688, aged 76 years.’ Chelmsford Vital Records, page 359.)

“He married in New England, about 1642, Mary _____; she was born in England about 1613 and died in Charlestown, Mass., 23 Mar. 1694/5, aged 82 years. (Records of Charlestown.)”

Thomas Adams was a member of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts, elected 1644: “LIEUT. THOMAS ADAMS, Braintree, 1642; freeman 1643; removed to Concord 1646 -- afterward to Chelmsford, where he was the first Town Clerk; Representative 1673 -- died July 20th, 1688, aged 76.”519
He married Mary BLACKMORE?517, 8G Grandmother abt 1642.
They had the following children:
Mary517 (Died as Child), 8G Aunt (1643-)
Jonathan517 (Twin), 8G Uncle (1646-)
Pelatiah (Twin), 7G Grandfather (1646-1725)
Timothy517, 8G Uncle (1648-)
George517, 8G Uncle (1650-)
Samuel517, 8G Uncle (~1652-)
Mary517, 8G Aunt (~1654-)
Edith517, 8G Aunt (1656-)
Thomas517 (Died as Infant), 8G Uncle (1660-1660)
2021. Mary BLACKMORE?517, 8G Grandmother. Born abt 1613 in England. Died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, 23 Mar 1693/4. Immigrated ? .

Several websites identify the wife of Thomas Adams as Mary Blackmore; Bartlett names her only as Mary _____. The Blackmores of the South Shore have a royal descent through the Collamores. Whether they are related to this Mary Blackmore (if in fact that name is correct) is not known.

Website identifies her as the daughter of Truebull Blackmore. She was bapt. 3 Dec 1623 at All Hallows, London, according to this source. Is it the same Mary Blackmore?

But there seems to be a problem: Wyman’s Charlestown identifies Mary Blackmore, b 23 Feb 1666/7 (dau of Henry Blackmore and Mary Thrumball) as the wife (first) of Thomas Adams, married in 1680 (and later wife of John Smith and Thomas Walker). This cannot be the same Thomas Adams; it must be a generation or two later. Perhaps there is a generational confusion here.
2024. Sgt. John HEALD268, 8G Grandfather, son of 4048. John HEALD & 4049. Dorothy ROYLE. Born on 26 Mar 1637 in Alderley, Cheshire, England. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, on 17 Jun 1689.
He married Sarah DEAN163, 8G Grandmother on 10 Jun 1661 Concord, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Gershom, 7G Grandfather (1668-)
2025. Sarah DEAN163, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 4050. Thomas DEAN & 4051. Elizabeth _____. Born on 24 Dec 1642 in Concord, Massachusetts. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, on 22 Jul 1689.
2026. Nicholaus PARLYN, 8G Grandfather, son of 4052. John PARLIN. Born in 1640. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, 9 Mar 1721/2.
He married Sarah HANMORE, 8G Grandmother on 30 Nov 1665 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Hannah, 7G Grandmother (1670-1717)
2032. Thomas READ164, 8G Grandfather, son of 4064. Obadiah READ & 4065. Ann SWIFT.
He married _____ _____164, 8G Grandmother.
They had the following children:
John, 7G Grandfather (1685-)
Thomas164, 8G Uncle (1687-)
Jonathan164, 8G Uncle
William164, 8G Uncle
Esdras164, 8G Uncle
2033. _____ _____164, 8G Grandmother.
2034. Thomas CHAMBERLAIN263, 8G Grandfather, son of 4068. Thomas CHAMBERLAIN & 4069. Mary _____. Born in England? Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 28 May 1727. Of Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
He married Sarah PROCTOR263, 8G Grandmother on 10 Aug 1666 Chelmsford, Massachusetts.263
They had the following children:
Thomas263, 8G Uncle (1667-)
Sarah263, 8G Aunt (1679-)
Jane, 7G Grandmother (1682-)
Elizabeth263, 8G Aunt
2035. Sarah PROCTOR263, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 4070. Robert PROCTOR & 4071. Jane HILDRETH. Born on 12 Aug 1646 in Concord, Massachusetts. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, on 8 Feb 1706.
2040. Thomas DUTTON234, 8G Grandfather, son of 4080. John DUTTON & 4081. Mary NEELD. Born abt 1621 in Cheshire, England. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, on 22 Jan 1687. Immigrated ? .

Several websites trace the ancestry of the immigrant Thomas Dutton into the medieval period, often with obvious inconsistencies. These require further study. The ancestry presented here (derived from various websites) should be regarded with caution.
He married Susannah PALMER234, 8G Grandmother in 1647 Billerica, Massachusetts.
They had one child:
Thomas, 7G Grandfather (1648-)
2041. Susannah PALMER234, 8G Grandmother, daughter of 4082. John PALMER. Born abt 1626 in England. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, on 27 May 1684. Immigrated ? .
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