New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

First Generation

1 Robert James O'HARA, Source.

Second Generation

2 (Private, Male), Father.

3 (Private, Female), Mother.

Third Generation

4 (Private, Male)1, Grandfather.

5 (Private, Female)1, Grandmother.

6 (Private, Male)2, Grandfather.

7 (Private, Female)2, Grandmother.

Fourth Generation

8 Timothy C. O'HARA1,3, G Grandfather.  Born abt 1840 in Ireland. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts (13 Yerxa Road), on 24 Nov 1905. Buried in Boston, Massachusetts (St. Joseph's Cemetery). Immigrated ? .

His death certificate identifies his occupation as machinist, and his cause of death as "Pneumonia 9 ds."

He married Anna (Annie) Maria CROSS1, G Grandmother, on 10 Apr 1866 in Boston, Massachusetts.

They had the following children:
i. Elting J.1
ii. Fred1
4 iii. (Private, Male)
iv. Charles1
v. Mary1
vi. William H.1 (~1867-1901)
vii. Henrietta1
viii. Anna1 (Died as Infant)
ix. James1
x. _____1

9 Anna (Annie) Maria CROSS1, G Grandmother.  Born in Ireland. Immigrated ? .

Anna Cross is said to have been a convert to Catholicism.

10 James NUGENT1, G Grandfather.  Born abt 1857 in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. Immigrated ? . Of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Occupation: carpenter.

He married Johanna THOMSON1, G Grandmother, on 12 Feb 1885 in Somerville or Cambridge, Massachusetts.4

They had one child:
5 i. (Private, Female)

11 Johanna THOMSON1, G Grandmother.  Born abt 1857 in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 29 Jun 1891.4 Buried in Arlington, Massachusetts.4 Immigrated ? . Of Somerville, Massachusetts. Occupation: Dressmaker.4

FamilySearch gives her birthpace as Picton, Nova Scotia.

12 Zachariah FITCH5, G Grandfather.  Born on 22 Sep 1833. Died on 30 Oct 1917.

Zachariah Fitch lived in Groton, Massachusetts, on land that included the homesite of William and Deliverance (Crispe) Longley, killed by Indians on 27 July 1694. The site of their house, reported Green6 in 1883, "has recently been marked by a monument bearing the following inscription: -- 'HERE DWELT | WILLIAM AND DELIVERANCE LONGLEY | WITH THEIR EIGHT CHILDREN | On the 27th of July 1694 | THE INDIANS KILLED THE FATHER AND MOTHER | AND FIVE OF THE CHILDREN | AND CARRIED INTO CAPTIVITY | THE OTHER THREE'

"It was erected in the autumn of 1879, at the expense of the town, on land generously given for the purpose by Mr. Zechariah Fitch, the present owner of the farm."

He married Marcella Clinton PRATT7, G Grandmother, on 1 Jan 1861 in Groton, Massachusetts.

They had the following children:
i. Henry J.5 (1865-1899)
ii. Edward Pratt5 (Died as Infant) (1871-1871)
iii. Alice Morton5 (1872-)
6 iv. (Private, Male)

13 Marcella Clinton PRATT7, G Grandmother.  Born on 19 Nov 1838 in Chester, Vermont. Died on 7 Oct 1900.

NSSAR Application #74744 of Lyndon Buswell Fitch, 14 April 1952, gives her full name as Marcella Clinton Pratt, along with her birth, marriage, and death dates as entered here.

"MARCELLA A./C., 19 Nov 1838, Vt., poss. d/o George M. c. 1817 and unk'n 1st wife. In 1850 Bennington (H'boro) NH, age 11, b. Vt., she and presumed bro Lyndon res. w/Emerson and Almira FAVOR. In 1860 age 20, b. NH, domestic, she and bro res. in Groton (M'sex) Ma. w/Dr. Norman SMITH. Only PRATT fam. in town was that of George M. and (2nd w.?) Amarilla (PIERCE). Marcella A.'s d/o/b in Groton VR, par. unnamed, prob. from g. s."7

Dr. Norman Smith of Groton was her aunt Harriet's husband.

14 George Henry WOODS2,8, G Grandfather.  Born on 28 May 1855 in Dunstable, Massachusetts. Died on 23 Jun 1940.

George Henry Woods and his wife Addie May Parkhurst had three sets of twins among their nine children.

He married Addie May PARKHURST2,8, G Grandmother, on 13 May 1885.

They had the following children:
i. Lottie Davis2 (Twin) (1886-)
7 ii. (Private, Female)
iii. Isabelle2 (Twin) (1889-)
iv. Inabelle2 (Twin) (1889-)
v. Albert2 (Died as Infant)
vi. Frank Henry2 (1893-1977)
vii. George W.2 (1896-1975)
viii. Russell Parkhurst2 (Twin) (1899-1961)
ix. _____ (Stillborn) (1899-1899)

15 Addie May PARKHURST2,8, G Grandmother.  Born on 6 Aug 1865 in Groton, Massachusetts. Died on 10 Dec 1940.


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