New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

Ninth Generation (Continued)

405 Mary HOSMER4, 6G Grandmother.  Born on 14 Apr 1646 in Concord, Massachusetts.59 Died in Lexington, Massachusetts, on 1 Oct 1719.

406 William RICHARDS4, 6G Grandfather.

He married Mary _____4, 6G Grandmother.

They had one child:
203 i. Mary (1680-1765)

407 Mary _____4, 6G Grandmother.

408 Obadiah SAWTELL38, 6G Grandfather.  Born abt 1649 in Watertown?, Massachusetts. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 20 Mar 1740/1.

According to Kellogg and Threlfall38, "4. OBADIAH2 SAWTELL (Richard1) was born about 1649, probably at Watertown. (Lineage #3181 in NSDFPA Lineage Book, 1933, p. [p. 8] 66, no source cited, gives birthdate of 14 Sept. 1648). He went to Groton about 1662 with his parents. At the outbreak of King Philip's War he and his parents returned to Watertown, where he was credited with service in February of 1676/7 (Bodge, op. cit., p. 451). He married, about 1680, HANNAH LAWRENCE, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Crispe) Lawrence of Watertown (Middlesex County Probate, No. 13685). She was born 24 March 1661/2 at Watertown (Vital Records). Of their children, some are proved by birth records, some by deeds and the rest by inference, since his brothers Jonathan and Zachariah were both dead by 1690/1 and Jonathan had been a widower since 1676. All doubts are noted.

"It would appear that Obadiah left Groton for a few years about 1689, at the outbreak of King William's War, for he is not on the garrison list of 1691-2, a list which probably included every Groton family (Caleb Butler, History of the Town of Groton, 1848, p. 91). In addition, his children born between 1689 and 1693 are not recorded at Groton.

"His wife was alive in 1726 when she joined him in making her mark to a deed. He died on 20 March 1740 in his 92nd year, according to his tombstone in the old cemetery at Groton (Vital Records). The slate headstone is in excellent condition. There is no stone for Hannah. Presumably his death date would be 1740/41, thus putting his birth at about 1649. If the stone were cut after 1752, then the 1740 would be new style, and a birth year of about 1648 would tie in with the date given in the NSDFPA Lineage Book." An account of his 12 children follows.

Skeate10 give Obadiah Sawtell's birthdate as 14 September 1648/49 [sic].

He married Hannah LAWRENCE38, 6G Grandmother, abt 1680.

They had the following children:
i. Nathaniel38 (~1681-1742)
ii. Elnathan38 (1683-<1717)
204 iii. Ephraim (~1685-1768)
iv. Josiah38 (Died as Child) (1687-1690)
v. Hephzabeth38 (~1689-)
vi. Esther?38 (~1690-)
vii. Josiah38,23 (~1691-1752)
viii. Zachariah38 (~1693-)
ix. Hannah38 (1695-<1749)
x. Abigail38 (1697-1787)
xi. Mary38 (1700-1766)
xii. Obadiah38 (1702-1749)
xiii. Hezekiah38 (1703-1779)

409 Hannah LAWRENCE38, 6G Grandmother.  Born on 24 Mar 1661/2 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Died aft 1726.

410 John FARNSWORTH60, 6G Grandfather.  Born abt 1651.

He married Hannah ALDIS10,33, 6G Grandmother, on 8 Dec 1686.

They had the following children:
205 i. Abigail (1687-1753)
ii. Daniel34 (1692-1775)

411 Hannah ALDIS10,33, 6G Grandmother.

412 Joshua FLETCHER41, 6G Grandfather.  Born on 30 Mar 1648. Died on 21 Nov 1713.

He married Sarah WILEY41, 6G Grandmother, on 18 Jul 1682.

They had one child:
206 i. Jonas (1694-1777)

413 Sarah WILEY41, 6G Grandmother.

Or Sarah Riley according to some websites.

For probable parent details see

414 John ROBBINS4, 6G Grandfather.  Born on 1 Aug 1673. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 10 Aug 1762.

See important correction to his parentage, and details of his life and children, in Congdon (2003: 186-187).

He married Dorothy HILDRETH4, 6G Grandmother, on 30 Nov 1698 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

They had one child:
207 i. Elizabeth (1700-)

415 Dorothy HILDRETH4, 6G Grandmother.  Born abt 1675 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Died on 19 Apr 1737.

See important further details in Congdon (2003: 187).

420 Daniel RUGG4, 6G Grandfather.  Born on 15 Nov 1678 in Concord, Massachusetts. Died in Lancaster, Massachusetts, on 23 Jun 1758.

He married Elizabeth PRIEST4, 6G Grandmother.

They had one child:
210 i. Nathan (1718-1786)

421 Elizabeth PRIEST4, 6G Grandmother.  Born on 12 Sep 1679 in Woburn, Massachusetts. Died in Lancaster, Massachusetts, on 3 Dec 1754.

422 John FROST4, 6G Grandfather.  Born on 14 Sep 1684 in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

He married Ruth SCRIPTURE4, 6G Grandmother, in 1713 in Groton, Massachusetts.

They had one child:
211 i. Zerviah (1719-1807)

423 Ruth SCRIPTURE4, 6G Grandmother.  Born on 2 Feb 1696 in Groton, Massachusetts.

428 David YOUNG11,21, 6G Grandfather.  Born in 1682 in Tahboyn (Taughboyne), Donegal, Ireland. Died in Worcester, Massachusetts, on 26 Dec 1776. Buried in Old Burial Ground, Worcester, Massachusetts. Immigrated in 1718 Londonderry, Ireland; Brunswick, Maine; Boston.

Ott's database says [in original formatting], "Emigrated 1718 From Londonderry, Northern Ireland, diverted to Brunswick Maine and warned out of Boston in 1722". Ott lists the parents of this David Young as John Young (b. 1623, Isle of Bert, near Londonderry, Ireland; immigrated Aug 1718 [aged 95] to Boston; d. 30 Jun 1730 [aged 107], Worcester, Massachusetts; bur. Old Burying Ground, Worcester, Massachusetts) and Janet Crawford (b. 1625). See under John Young for further details.

Rupp says that David accompanied his father John on their immigration to Boston, arriving November 1718; she does not mention any diversion to Maine. David is said to have been a physician, like his father.11

James McConnel notes that some of the 1718 immigrants "were attracted by the cheap land being offered by the Pejepscot Proprietors (a company of Boston and New Hampshire merchants) and settled near the mouth of the Androscoggin. The remaining Bann migrants were offered a township at Casco Bay and some sailed on the Robert to examine the site." ( Perhaps that event is blended, correctly or incorrectly, into Ott's account above?


He married Martha BOYD21,11, 6G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
i. David21 (~1710-)
ii. John21 (~1712-)
214 iii. William (1714-1795)
iv. Moses21 (~1716-)
v. Frank21 (1722-)
vi. Martha21 (1724-)

429 Martha BOYD21,11, 6G Grandmother. Born in 1684 in Ireland or Scotland. Died in Worcester, Massachusetts, on 26 Oct 1749. Buried in Old Burial Ground, Worcester, Massachusetts. Immigrated in 1718?

440 Robert DODGE13, 6G Grandfather.  Born on 9 Oct 1686. Died on 1 Jan 1764. Buried in Beverly, Massachusetts.

According to the Dodge Genealogy,13 Robert Dodge was "b. 9 Oct., 1686, and d. 1 Jan., 1764. He m. Lydia Woodbury, dau. of Isaac and Elizabeth (Herrick) Woodbury of Chebaco Parish, published 26 June, 1709. She d. 6 April, 1759, in her 68th year. He was a prosperous farmer in North Beverly where [p. 34] they had a large family; three sons being coopers, one, Robert, a cordwainer and William a joiner. At 24 years of age he was chosen surveyor of highways and he held other town offices. He and his wife, Lydia, were buried at the old church-yard of 2nd church where their grave stones are in a perfect state of preservation." A list of their children follows.

He married Lydia WOODBURY13, 6G Grandmother, publ. 26 Jun 1709.

They had the following children:
i. Isaac13 (1710-)
ii. Rebecca13 (1712-)
iii. Caleb13 (1714-)
iv. Lydia13 (1716-)
v. Joanna13 (1719-)
vi. Elizabeth13 (1721-)
vii. Robert13 (1724-)
viii. William13 (Died as Child) (1726-)
ix. Nicholas13 (1728-)
220 x. William (1731-1810)

441 Lydia WOODBURY13, 6G Grandmother.  Born in 1691. Died on 6 Apr 1759. Buried in Beverly, Massachusetts.

444 Israel BALCH, 6G Grandfather.  Born on 3 Sep 1681 in Bass River, Massachusetts. Died in 1758.

He married Ruth DODGE13, 6G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
i. Jonathan13 (1709-)
ii. Ruth13 (1711-)
iii. John13 (1713-)
iv. Roger13 (1715-)
v. Rebecca13 (1717-)
222 vi. Joshua (1719-1804)
vii. Israel13 (1722-)
viii. Varian13 (1724-)
ix. Hannah13 (1737-)

445 Ruth DODGE13, 6G Grandmother.  Born on 15 Aug 1685. Died on 9 Jan 1726/7.

According to the Dodge Genealogy,13 Ruth Dodge was "b. 15 Aug., 1685 in Beverly; d. 9 Jan., 1726-7; m. Israel Balch, lived in Beverly." A list of their children follows. Her birthdate is give as 16 August 1685 under her father's entry (#12, p. 27) but as 15 August 1685 under her own entry (#47, p. 45) which is followed here.

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