New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

Ninth Generation (Continued)

493 Mary _____48, 6G Grandmother.

496 Thomas CUMMINGS15, 6G Grandfather.  Born on 1 Aug 1714. Will dated on 20 Feb 1782.

According to Mooar's Descendants of Isaac Cummings15, "34. THOMAS CUMMINGS (John4, John3, John2, Isaac1) married Sept. 26, 1733, Sarah Fassett. Resided in Westford, Mass. He contributed for the purchase of a bell for the church in 1762, next to the largest contribution; gave land to add to the burying ground in 1768. His will was made Feb. 20, 1782. His widow's, July 1, 1799." A list of his children follows.

He married Sarah FASSET15, 6G Grandmother, on 26 Sep 1733.

They had the following children:
248 i. Thomas (1734-1818)
ii. Joseph15 (1736-1814)
iii. Sarah15 (1738-)
iv. Isaac15 (1742-1817)
v. Elizabeth15 (1743->1799)
vi. John15 (1745-1758)
vii. Bridget15 (1749-)
viii. Timothy15 (1752-1832)
ix. Molly15 (1755-)

497 Sarah FASSET15, 6G Grandmother.  Will dated on 1 Jul 1799.

498 Eleazer LAWRENCE40, 6G Grandfather.  Born in 1697 in Groton, Massachusetts.10 Died in Littleton, Massachusetts, in 1789.10

He married Lucy TUTTLE62, 6G Grandmother, on 25 Jun 1731 in Groton, Massachusetts.63

They had the following children:
249 i. Lucy (1732-?1815)
ii. Peter40 (1733-1735)
iii. Eleazer40 (Twin) (1735-)
iv. Josiah40 (Died as Infant) (1735-1735)
v. Mary40 (1737-)
vi. Simon40 (1739-1795)
vii. Susanna40 (1740-)
viii. David40 (1742-~1790)
ix. Sarah40 (1745-1753)
x. _____40 (Twin) (1747-1747)
xi. _____40 (Twin) (1747-1747)

499 Lucy TUTTLE62, 6G Grandmother.  was baptized on 13 Apr 1712 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Died aft 1746.

504 Jacob WRIGHT27, 6G Grandfather.  Born on 21 Jan 1697/8 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Died in Westford, Massachusetts, on 25 Nov 1761.

He married Abigail ADAMS27, 6G Grandmother, in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

They had one child:
252 i. Joseph (1736-1813)

505 Abigail ADAMS27, 6G Grandmother.  Born on 7 Jun 1697 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Died in Westford, Massachusetts, on 30 Nov 1761.

506 Thomas HEALD49, 6G Grandfather.

He married Sarah BUTTERFIELD49, 6G Grandmother.

They had one child:
253 i. Dorothy (1733-1773)

507 Sarah BUTTERFIELD49, 6G Grandmother.

The identity of this Sarah Butterfield requires investigation. There were apparently two of the name born within a few years of each other. At least one pedigree for her is available in Ancestral File. See also email correspondence.

508 Samuel READ15,50, 6G Grandfather.  Born on 11 Aug 1711.

He married Abigail CUMMINGS15, 6G Grandmother, on 23 Nov 1732.

They had the following children:
254 i. Thomas (1733-)
ii. Samuel15 (1735-1755)
iii. Silas15 (1737-)
iv. William15 (1739-)

509 Abigail CUMMINGS15, 6G Grandmother.  Born in 1716. Died on 23 Mar 1743.

510 Thomas DUTTON64, 6G Grandfather.

He married Hanna BURGE64, 6G Grandmother.

They had one child:
255 i. Susanna (1733-1781)

511 Hanna BURGE64, 6G Grandmother.

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