New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

Tenth Generation (Continued)

823 Sarah ELIOT33,79, 7G Grandmother.  was baptized on 25 Jan 1628 in Nazeing, Essex, England. Died on 12 Nov 1686. Immigrated ? 1635 "Hopewell".

According to Green's Epitaphs33 she was "of Dedham."

824 William FLETCHER41, 7G Grandfather.  Born in 1622 in Yorkshire, England. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, on 6 Nov 1677. Immigrated abt 1635.

He married Lydia _____68, 7G Grandmother, on 7 Oct 1645.

They had one child:
412 i. Joshua (1648-1713)

825 Lydia _____68, 7G Grandmother. Born abt 1622. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 12 Oct 1704. Immigrated ? .

According to Anderson's GMB,68 "There is no direct evidence for the conclusion that the widow of Edward Bates was the Lydia Bates who married William Fletcher at Concord in 1645, but the circumstances make it a high probability: the last record of Edward Bates is in 1644, and the marriage of Lydia Bates takes place in 1645; and John Bates, presented to the Chelmsford church on 1 February 1656/7 as a child of William Fletcher, was said to be about fifteen at that time [Fiske Notebook 113], which is exactly what the John Bates baptized in Boston as son of Edward Bates would be. Lydia had several additional children by William Fletcher. (See Bates Bulletin, Series 3, p. 39, and Series 5, pp. 58-59; Snow-Estes 1:278-80, 296; Winifred L. Holman, MS Robert Fletcher genealogy, SG FLE 7, NEHGS Library.)

"Some secondary sources suggest that Lydia (_____) (Bates) Fletcher may have been daughter of RICHARD FAIRBANKS of Boston [Snow-Estes 1:296; Farwell Gen 1:45]. The latter source, for instance, says 'there is evidence of some association between the two families' (Richard Fairbanks and Henry Farwell), but does not produce the evidence. Nothing in the career of Richard Fairbanks suggests he had a daughter Lydia."

826 John WILEY, 7G Grandfather.

He married Elizabeth CLOUGH, 7G Grandmother.

They had one child:
413 i. Sarah

827 Elizabeth CLOUGH, 7G Grandmother.

828 Robert ROBBINS4, 7G Grandfather. Died in Littleton, Massachusetts, on 6 Sep 1749.

According to Shattuck's Concord,58 "Robert Robbins was here [in Concord] before 1670; m. Mary (Maxwell, according to tradition), and had George, John, Robert, James, Eleazer, and perhaps other children. The name is still prevalent here, though the connexion is not easily traced."

He married Mary MAXWELL4, 7G Grandmother.

They had one child:
414 i. John (1673-1762)

829 Mary MAXWELL4, 7G Grandmother. Born in Feb 1648. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 24 Sep 1672.

The deathdate of Mary Maxwell and the birthdate of son John Robbins from Ancestral File cannot both be correct if they are mother and son.

830 James HILDRETH4, 7G Grandfather.  Born in 1631. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 14 Apr 1695.

He married Margaret (Dorothy) WARD4, 7G Grandmother.

They had one child:
415 i. Dorothy (~1675-1737)

831 Margaret (Dorothy) WARD4, 7G Grandmother. Born in 1636. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 31 Aug 1693.

840 John RUGG31, 7G Grandfather. Born in Mar 1632 in Sowerby, Yorkshire, England.4 Died abt 1696. Will proved in 1696. Immigrated ? .

John Rugg was one of the founders of Lancaster, Massachusetts, and his name appears frequently in Nourse's history of that town.80 His house lot "Lyeth in the South End of the town in A Rang of Lotts on the West Side of a Street or highway that Runs betwen two Ranges of Lotts being the fifth Lott in that Range bounded Southerly by the Lott of John Roper and Northerly by the Lott of Daniel Gains and It buts Easterly upon the said Street or highway aforesd and Westerly it buts upon the stated Common and Lyeth for twenty acres be it more or Less."80

He married Hannah PRESCOTT31, 7G Grandmother, on 4 May 1660.

They had the following children:
i. John31 (1662-)
ii. Mercy31 (1664-)
iii. Thomas31 (1666-)
iv. Joseph31 (1668-1697)
v. Hannah31 (1671-)
vi. Rebecca31 (1673-)
420 vii. Daniel (1678-1758)
viii. Jonathan31 (1681-)

841 Hannah PRESCOTT31, 7G Grandmother.  Died in Lancaster, Massachusetts, on 11 Sep 1697.80

Nourse's history of Lancaster80 quotes a portion of a letter from Governor William Stoughton which describes the attack on Lancaster during which Hannah (Prescott) Rugg was killed: "Upon ye 11th instant [11 Sep 1697] a party of Indians to ye number of about Forty as was judged, about twelve o clock the same day, Surprized and kild about 26 persons at Lancaster, of which the minister of the Town was one, burnt two Garrison houses and two Barnes, the Garrisons being left open and ye Inhabitants surprized in their Fields: there is a party of men out in pursuit of ye Enemy."

842 John PRIEST4, 7G Grandfather. Born in 1648 in Woburn, Massachusetts. Died in Harvard, Massachusetts, in 1704.

The identity of Rachel Garfield's husband as John Priest is not firmly established. A number of websites further identify this John Priest as a descendant of Mayflower passenger Degory Priest, which is certainly incorrect as Degory Priest left no male offspring to carry the Priest name.

There is much confusion and contradictory information in various sources, in part because, as Bond observed, the names Priest and Price are sometimes interchanged. Bond conjectured that John Price, son of William Price and born 18 Mar 1664/5, may have been the wife of Rachel Garfield, but this would not seem possible if their child Elizabeth was born in 1679 (as confirmed by Bond, Nourse's Lancaster, and by Savage). A GENDEX site identifies the parents of this John Priest as James Priest and Elizabeth Hopkins; I cannot find this couple in other sources. There is a Priest family website ( ) and it lists John Priest and Rachel Garfield as one of the roots for the Priest family in New England, but does not give further details.

He married Rachel GARFIELD4, 7G Grandmother, on 10 Mar 1678 in Watertown, Massachusetts.

They had one child:
421 i. Elizabeth (1679-1754)

843 Rachel GARFIELD4, 7G Grandmother.  Born on 23 Nov 1656 in Watertown, Massachusetts. Died in Harvard, Massachusetts, on 17 May 1737.

844 Thomas FROST31, 7G Grandfather. Will dated in 1717. Will proved in 1724.

According to Savage,31 Thomas Frost was a resident of Sudbury. identifies him as the son of Edmund Frost of Cambridge (listed in Savage), and traces several generations of ancestry to be entered. Details to be confirmed.

He married Mary GIBBS31, 7G Grandmother, on 12 Nov 1678.31

They had the following children:
i. Thomas31 (1679-)
422 ii. John (1684-)
iii. Samuel31 (1686-)
iv. Mary31 (Died as Infant) (1690-1691)

845 Mary GIBBS31, 7G Grandmother.  Died on 6 Jan 1690/91.

846 Samuel SCRIPTURE81, 7G Grandfather.

He married Elizabeth KNAPP82, 7G Grandmother, on 11 Sep 1674.57

They had the following children:
i. Samuel18 (1675-)
ii. Elizabeth81 (1677-)
997 iii. Mary (1681-1761)
iv. Sarah81 (1682-)
v. Anna (Hannah)81 (1685-1758)
vi. Abigail18 (1687-)
vii. John81
viii. Deborah81
423 ix. Ruth (1696-)
x. Lydia18 (1700-)

847 Elizabeth KNAPP82, 7G Grandmother.  Born on 21 2mo 1655. Died in 1720.

856 Dr. John [YOUNG]11, 7G Grandfather. Born abt 1623 in Isle of Bert, near Londonderry, Ireland. Died in Worcester, Massachusetts, on 30 Jun 1730. Immigrated in Nov 1718 Ireland to Boston.

Rupp reports details that may consist of a layer of romantic embellishment set over a foundation of fact: "Dr. John Young is said to have been a waif found upon a battlefield on the Isle of Bert in 1623, by a member of the well known family of Youngs of Donegal. He was adopted by them, given their name, and educated at their expense. He became a prominent physician. He m. in Ireland, Janet Crawford. In November, 1718, accompanied by his son, David, he arrived at Boston after surviving the hardships of an ocean voyage at the age of 95. He died at Worcester, Mass., June 30, 1730, at the remarkable age of 107.... [His descendant] John5[?] Young, born in Peterboro, N.Y., Mar. 8, 1765, settled in the Western Reserve in 1797, and purchased fifteen thousand acres of land for $16,085.16. On this land the city of Youngstown, Ohio, now stands."11

He married Janet CRAWFORD11, 7G Grandmother, in Ireland.

They had one child:
428 i. David (1682-1776)

857 Janet CRAWFORD11, 7G Grandmother. Immigrated in Nov 1718 Ireland to Boston.

880 Capt. William DODGE13, 7G Grandfather.  was baptized on 19 Sep 1640 in Salem, Massachusetts.68 Died on 24 Mar 1720.13

According to the Dodge Genealogy,13 Capt. William Dodge was "born 1640; dies 1720. Lived in Beverly, was a malster. Inherited his father's homestead. Deputy in 1689, overseer in 1679, freeman in 1683, Representative in 1690. In 1674, September 29th, helps make inventory of estate of Lot Conant (born 1624). In 1675 he was engaged against the Narragansetts, and acquired distinction for courage and skill. Hubbard, in his narrative, gives a particular account of his bravery and success. In this expedition, Josiah Dodge, perhaps brother of Capt. William, Peter Woodberry and John Balch, were killed at Muddy Brook, under Capt. Lathrop. In the historic controversy about the bell of Bass River Church (First Church of Beverly), which was captured at Port Royal in 1654, William Dodge, Jr., and Thomas Tuck, Sr., with military spirit, took the bell and put it to its intended use. He married 1st, Mary (Conant), widow of John Balch (drowned). He married 2d, 26th May, 1685, widow Joanna Larkin, daughter of Dea. Robert Hale, of Charlestown, who died 18th August, 1694, aged 47. He married 3d, in 1698, Mary Creatty, who died about 1st February, 1701-2. She was widow of Capt. Andrew Creatty of Marblehead. Her will was dated 23d January, 1701-2." A chronology of more than fifty events in the life of William Dodge, compiled by John I. Baker, follows, along with a list of William's children. The Dodge Genealogy continues:13 "The will of Roger Conant, dated 1st _____, 1677, gives to his daughter, Mary Dodge, wife of Capt. William, �5, and �5 more for her five children. His inventory was �258 10s.

"[p. 22] In the will of Capt. William, he says: my brother, the Rev. Mr. Hale of Beverly, To Edward Larkin his late wife's son he forgives a debt, makes his son Dea. William his executor, his bro. Capt. John, Rev. Mr. Hale & Lot Conant his overseers."

He married Joanna HALE13, 7G Grandmother, on 26 May 1685 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.68

They had the following children:
440 i. Robert (Twin) (1686-1764)
ii. Rebecca13 (Twin) (1686-1687)
iii. Josiah13 (Twin) (1689-)
iv. Elisha13 (Twin) (1689-)

881 Joanna HALE13, 7G Grandmother.  Born abt 1647. Died on 18 Aug 1694.

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