New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

Eleventh Generation (Continued)

1592 John NUTTING, 8G Grandfather. Born ca 1590 in Erwarton, Suffolk, England.

He married Elizabeth RAWLINGS, 8G Grandmother.

They had one child:
796 i. John (~1624-1676)

1593 Elizabeth RAWLINGS, 8G Grandmother.

1594 Stephen EGGLESTON91, 8G Grandfather.  Born on 17 Jul 1608 in Kent, England. Died in Aboard the "Castle" en route to New England, in 1634. Immigrated in 1634 "Castle".

Some further details from Savage to be entered (under Iggleden).

He married Elizabeth Jane BENNETT91, 8G Grandmother, on 20 Nov 1628.91

They had the following children:
797 i. Sarah (1633-)
803 ii. Elizabeth (1634-)

1595 Elizabeth Jane BENNETT91, 8G Grandmother. Born in 1602 in Biddedden, Kent, England. Died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on 10 Mar 1680/1. Immigrated ? 1634 "Castle".

1596 John LONGLEY74, 8G Grandfather. Born say 1585 in England. Died in England in 1639.

According to Skeate's Tarbell genealogy,74 "John Longley of Firsby, England, clerk of Lincoln county was the father of William 1 Longley, proved by the estate he left when he died in England in 1639. In 1639 William 1 Longley sent a letter to Thomas Meeke, of Waynflete, St. Mary, to act as his agent to sell lands he had inherited from his father, John Longley of Firsby. Other sons listed were Richard Longley and Jonathan Longley, both of Lynn, MA."

Birthdate fide

He married Ann PEARSON, 8G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
798 i. William (1614-1680)
ii. Richard
iii. Jonathan

1597 Ann PEARSON, 8G Grandmother. Born say 1585.

1598 Edward GOFFE92, 8G Grandfather.  Will dated on 17 Feb 1633/4 at Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Of Ipswich, Suffolk, England. Occupation: clothworker.

NOTE: The inclusion of Joanna and Thomas as children of this Edward Goffe is almost certainly incorrect. As the families of Edward Sr. and Edward Jr. have become clearer it appears that they are unrelated to Joanna and Thomas (and whether Joanna and Thomas are themselves related is a question requiring confirmation; their connection has been repeated on many websites with fragmentary documentation).

Joanna Goffe may possibly be part of a Goffe/Longley/Crispe group, all of which may have been prominent in Lincolnshire before their migration, and all of which may have settled at or been involved in the settlement of Lynn. See Anderson's Great Migration Newsletter73 for a review of the settlement of Lynn.

According to Skeate's Tarbell genealogy74, "Joanna Goffe Longley was a sister of Thomas Goffe, a merchant and ship owner of London and a member of the group which 'floated' the Pilgrims in the Mayflower on the 1620 voyage and on her later trips in 1629 and 1630. Thomas 1 Goffe was also the first Deputy-Governor of the Massachusetts company. He died on a voyage to New England, leaving only a daughter who died soon after. He lost heavily on his investments with the Pilgrims. The government of MA. granted land of 1000 acres as a settlement for the services of Thomas Goffe and Robert Rand, whose father married a daughter of William 1 and Joanna Goffe. The reason for this settlement was yet another lawsuit, this time by the heirs of Joanna Goffe Longley. Thomas Goffe, left only a daughter, Sarah, who died shortly after her father and with no family. It was then the estate of Thomas 1, which had gone to Sarah 2, was to be given to her next of kin, her aunt, Joanna Goffe Longley Crispe. In 1739 one of the heirs of this family brought suit for a 1/26 share of the estate (by then there were 26 of the Longley family claiming heirship). It was finally settled when the 4th generation got the settlement in later years."

Skeate gives as her source for this information "Heirs of Thomas Goffe (Gen. Glean. of England)." Whether this source is reliable is not known. There is apparently a Goff genealogy by the notorious genealogical charlatan Gustav Anjou that traces the name back into Wales in the 1300s. This family deserves study by a professional genealogist.

i. Edward59 (~1593-1658)
ii. Tobias92 (->1634)
iii. Elizabeth92 (->1634)
iv. Alice92 (->1634)
799 v. Joanna (~1619-1698)
vi. Thomas74

1602 Richard WILLARD75, 8G Grandfather.  Born on 10 Mar 1581 in Horsmonden, Kent, England. Will dated on 12 Feb 1616/7. Buried on 20 Feb 1616/7 in Horsmonden, Kent, England. Will proved on 8 Mar 1616/7.

The ancestry given here for Margery and Simon Willard comes from and other net sources (more data to be entered). Lawson on this website notes that it is supported by much circimstantial evidence, but is not absolutely established and requires further investigation.

He married Margery HUMPHRIE75, 8G Grandmother, on 23 Sep 1601 in Westgate, Kent, England.

They had the following children:
801 i. Margery (bp. 1602-~1658)
ii. Simon58 (-1676)

1603 Margery HUMPHRIE75, 8G Grandmother.  Born in 1575 in Horsmonden, Kent, England. Buried on 12 Dec 1608 in Horsmonden, Kent, England.

1606 Stephen EGGLESTON. (Same as ahnentafel number 1594.)

1607 Elizabeth Jane BENNETT. (Same as ahnentafel number 1595.)

1608 Jeffrey POTTER52, 8G Grandfather.  was baptized on 2 Oct 1575 in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England. Buried on 4 Aug 1638 in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England.

According to Threlfall's GMC2652, "JEFFREY POTTER (Thomas, Thomas, Nicholas) was baptized 2 October 1575 at Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, the 'son of Thomas Potter'. He was married there 20 November 1599 to Agnes Beard (also known as Anne). Thomas Beard who was buried 9 April 1641 may have been her brother. [An account of the taxes paid by various Potters follows.]

"Jeffrey Potter was buried 4 August 1638. Anne died between 1644 and May 1648. Both were buried at Newport Pagnell. Only a will for Anne has been found." An abstract of Anne's will follows.

He married Agnes (Anne) BEARD52, 8G Grandmother, on 20 Nov 1599.

They had the following children:
i. Katherine52 (bp. 1601-)
ii. John52 (bp. 1602-)
iii. Thomas52 (bp. 1604-)
iv. Richard52 (bp. 1603-)
v. Anna52 (bp. 1608-)
vi. Nicholas52 (bp. 1611-)
vii. Jeffrey52 (bp. 1613->1662)
804 viii. Luke (bp. 1615-1697)

1609 Agnes (Anne) BEARD52, 8G Grandmother. Buried in Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England. Will dated on 20 Dec 1643 at Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, England.

1610 Walter EDMUNDS52, 8G Grandfather.  Born abt 1595. Died in Charlestown, Massachusetts, on 13 Jul 1667. Will dated on 30 May 1667 at Charlestown, Massachusetts. Will proved on 27 Sep 1667 at Charlestown, Massachusetts. Immigrated by 1639.

Of Gainesborough and Nottingham, England. Details from Threlfall to be entered.

He married Dorothy _____52, 8G Grandmother, abt 1619.

They had one child:
805 i. Mary (~1622-1711)

1611 Dorothy _____52, 8G Grandmother.

1612 Capt. Thomas BROOKS40, 8G Grandfather.  Born in London, England. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, on 21 May 1667. Immigrated in by 1636.

Bond's Watertown40 provides a comprehensive account of Capt. Thomas Brooks and his descendants. With respect to Thomas himself, Bond relates the following:40 "Neither the date of his arrival, nor the place of his embarkation has been ascertained; but there is reason to suppose that he came from London. He first settled in Watertown, and was one of the 'townsmen then inhabiting,' to whom the Beaver Brook plowlands were granted in 1636. He was adm. freeman, Dec. 7, 1636, while he resided in Watertown. It is evident that he could not be the Thomas Brooke who embarked in May, 1635, then aged twenty, in company with Rev. Peter Bulkley [[sic]]. The second son, perhaps the third child, of Capt. Thomas Brooks, of Concord, was born in 1632, when the other Thomas was only 17 years old. He moved very soon from Watertown to Concord, of which he was captain, and he received various other appointments of honour and trust. The General Court appointed him constable of Concord, Dec. 8, 1638, and he was representative in 1642, '43, '44, and four years after 1650. In 1640, he was apprizer of horses, cattle, &c., for the purpose of taxation, and appointed to prevent drunkenness among the Indians. In 1657, he purchased of the commissioners of the General Court, for �5, the right of carrying on the fur trade in Concord. In 1660, he and his son-in-law, Timothy Wheeler, jointly purchased of Edward Collins, 400 acres in Medford for �404, two-thirds for himself, and one-third for Wheeler. His wife GRACE d. May 12, 1664, and the next Oct. 22, he sold his house-lot in Concord; but he remained in Concord, and died there May 21, 1667, intestate. His inventory, by Dea. Merriam, Dea. Potter, and George Wheeler, amounted to �448 3s., and his debts to �26 5s. 2d. His three sons and son-in-law presented the Inventory for probate, June 16, 1667, and the next day signed the following agreement.

"'Whereas Thomas Brooks, of Concord, has left an estate, and the sons of the said Thomas, not willing to trouble the Court, have jointly agreed as followeth: 1st. That the Inventory taken by Dea. Merriam, Dea. Potter, and George Wheeler shall be accounted the full estate of Thomas Brooks. 2d. We do agree that Joshua Brooks shall have a full double portion out of the lands at Medford, and that the three other sons, Capt. Timothy Wheeler, Caleb Brooks, and Gershom Brooks, to have equal portions, only Caleb and Gershom to have the remainder of the said lands, after Joshua is first accomodated, as a part of their portion, and Timothy Wheeler out of the movable estate, and all to be distributed by [to] them by those three parties [[p. 720]] that took the Inventory; unto whose final determination we do severally bind ourselves in a bond of �100 apiece, to stand unto us. We do impress by our hands to this present writing the 17th June, 1667.'" The signatures of Timothy Wheeler, Joshua Brooks, Caleb Brooks, and Gershom Brooks follow, along with those of witnesses Hugh Mason and Joseph Easterbrook.

Website give a completely different parentage for Thomas Brooks which is a royal line from Edward I, and identifies Thomas as being from Barrow-Gurney, Somersetshire. Perhaps this is the parentage of the younger Thomas Brooke mentioned by Bond?

He married Grace _____40, 8G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
i. Mary40
806 ii. Joshua (~1630->1692)
iii. Caleb40 (1632-1696)
iv. Gershom40 (-1686)
v. Hannah?40

1613 Grace _____40, 8G Grandmother. Died on 12 May 1664. Immigrated ? .

Various sources give her name as Grace Wheeler; other sources identify Grace Wheeler as wife of Henry Brooks. The Wheelers of Concord are a large and complex family that require careful study. Shattuck in his History of Concord58 notes that the descendants of the early Concord Wheelers "have been so numerous, and so many have borne the same Christian name, that their genealogy is traced with great difficulty. Among the births recorded by the town-clerk between 1650 and 1670, six bore the name of John Wheeler." Threlfall's GMC5069 traces the Concord Wheelers to Cranford, Bedfordshire, England, but the exact parentage of this particular Grace Wheeler (if indeed Wheeler is her correct surname) is not yet established.

1614 Capt. Hugh MASON52, 8G Grandfather. Born abt 1605. Died in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 10 Oct 1678. Buried in Watertown, Massachusetts (Arlington Street Cemetery). Immigrated in Apr 1634 "Francis" from Ipswich to Boston.

Stephen Lawson's website75 provides the following details on Hugh Mason: "Hugh MASON, tanner, age 28, and his wife Hester, age 22, departed Ipswich, England April 1634 in the ship 'Francis'. No details have been discovered concerning his parents. He was admitted freeman Mar. 4, 1635 at Watertown, and held many positions of responsibility throughout his life. Governor John Endicott commissioned him Captain Apr. 5, 1653, and he commanded a company during the colonial wars. History of Sudbury 1638-1889, by Alfred Sereno Hudson (1889): 'In 1678, in the early part of King Philip's war, the town of Sudbury, Massachusetts was attacked by a band of about two hundred Indians. Capt. Hugh Mason, a bold and gallant Commander marched with his men from Watertwon, Mass. to the relief of Sudbury. Arriving there, the people of Sudbury assisted by the Watertown reinforcement compelled the Indians to make a general retreat. Capt. Mason was of a committee of four appointed to provide for the defence of the frontier towns of Middlesex County. At the time of the fight, Capt. Mason was over seventy years of age.' The will of Capt. MASON was written '3 day 12 month, 1677' and subsequently amended on Mar. 8, 1677/8. The inventory of his estate taken Oct. 28, 1678, and of his debts Mar. 29, 1679. Both inventories indicate he was a man of moderate means and an active merchant in his trade as tanner. Married Jan. 13, 1632, St. Peter's Parish, Maldon, Co. Essex, England."

Thompson's study93 of mobility in the Great Migration notes that "Hugh Mason was a tanner. He emigrated in the Francis from Ipswich in 1634 and settled in Watertown. Two years before, he had married Esther Welles, daughter of Thomas, glover, at St. Peter's Church in Maldon, Essex. This is the first record of a Mason in Maldon, though Welleses had thrived there as leatherworkers since 1404. The Mason family was concentrated in villages on the north shore of the Thames Estuary like Barking, Corringham, and Runwell. It seems probable that Hugh may be an example of the young craftsman who improved his prospects by allying with a leading artisanal family, much like the apprentices of popular legend."

Data on Hugh Mason's children to be entered from Lawson's website.

He married Hester WELLS52, 8G Grandmother, on 13 Jan 1632/3 in Malden, Essex, England (St. Peter's Parish).

They had the following children:
807 i. Hannah (1636->1681)
ii. Ruth52 (~1638-)
iii. Mary52 (1640-)
iv. John52 (1645-1730)
v. Joseph52 (1646-1702)
vi. Daniel52 (1649-1698)
vii. Sarah52 (1651-)

1615 Hester WELLS52, 8G Grandmother.  was baptized on 21 Jul 1611 in Malden, Essex, England (St. Peter's Parish). Died in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 21 May 1692. Immigrated in Apr 1634 "Francis" from Ipswich to Boston.

Mentioned in Anderson's GMB, p. 206 (citing TAG, 56:94-96).

1616 John SMITH40, 8G Grandfather.

"On the earliest list extant of the proprietors of Watertown (1636-7), are four of the name of Smith, viz., John, Sen'r, John, Jr., Thomas, and Francis. Isabella, wife of John Smith, Sen'r, d. Oct. 12, 1639, aged 60. It is probable that John and Isabella were the parents of John, Jr., and Thomas, and perhaps of Francis, and Daniel."40

He married Isabella _____40, 8G Grandmother.

They had one child:
808 i. Thomas (~1601-1693)

1617 Isabella _____40, 8G Grandmother. Born abt 1579. Died on 12 Oct 1639.

1618 William KNOPP68, 8G Grandfather.  was baptized on 1 Jan 1580/1 in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England. Will dated on 5 Jul 1655.71 Died in Watertown, Massachusetts, on 30 Aug 1658.  on 31 Aug 1658.71 Immigrated in 1630.

William Knopp's life in New England is well documented and is summarized in Anderson's GMB.68 He was a carpenter who immigrated in 1630 and resided at Watertown, where he appears frequently in the town records with respect to land transactions and payments for services. Anderson suggests68 that William Knopp's passage to New England (and that of his family) may have been paid for by Sir Richard Saltonstall, as Saltonstall claimed half of William's wages as payment for debt. William was in court in 1633 for swearing, in 1637 for making speeches against Governor Vane, and in 1641 for selling beer without a licence. The inventory of his estate, taken 31 August 1658, totalled �129 3s. 10d, including real estate valued at �100.

Although William's life has been well documented, his ancestry and relations have been confused in the literature. I follow here the conclusions of Anderson. With respect to William Knopp's family in New England, Anderson reports:68 "Many researchers have claimed that William Knopp and NICHOLAS KNAPP of Watertown were brothers, but there is no evidence for this connection, and much against. The most recent investigation of William Knopp shows no evidence of Nicholas Knapp in the family, or even in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk [NEHGR 147:327-28]. The two differ in age by about twenty-five years, a full generation. William and Nicholas, despite residing in the same town for fifteen years, are never seen interacting in any way. Finally, although this would not normally be an important consideration, the town clerks at Watertown were consistent in spelling William's surname as Knopp and Nicholas's as Knapp, suggesting that in Watertown the surnames were seen as distinct."

With respect to William Knopp's parentage, Anderson68 follows the work of Stott: "Two treatments of the family of William Knopp were published in 1993. Clifford L. Stott prepared an account in which the immigrant had resided both at Wormingford in Essex and Bures St. Mary on the Essex-Suffolk border, and had married a woman from Wormingford, Judith Tue [NEHGR 147: 313-28]. John B. Threlfall produced a version in which the immigrant had lived only in Bures St. Mary and had married Margaret Deane of that parish [GMC26 175-84]. Threlfall apparently missed the chronological clues which indicate that there were two William Knopps of Bures St. Mary, so he apparently did not undertake the wider search which led Stott to his conclusions. We follow Stott's results, and the English records cited above are taken from his article, unless stated otherwise." (Anderson in an addendum68 notes that the discussion of William Knopp in Threlfall's GMC26 was written by John Brayton.)

Rodgers71 has published a complete transcript of William Knopp's will and estate inventory (totalling about �129), along with transcripts of a number of other court documents relating to the settlement of his estate. The "intended will" transcribed by Rodgers was never endorsed nor probated.

He married Judith TUE68, 8G Grandmother, on 11 Jan 1606/7 in Wormingford, Essex, England.

They had the following children:
i. Elizabeth68 (bp. 1608-)
ii. William68 (bp. 1611-)
809 iii. Mary (bp. 1613-)
iv. Anne68 (bp. 1613-)
v. John68 (bp. 1623-)
1694 vi. James (bp. 1626-~1699)
vii. Judith68 (bp. 1629-)

1619 Judith TUE68, 8G Grandmother.  was baptized on 31 May 1589 in Wormingford, Essex, England. Died by 1651. Immigrated in 1630.

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