New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

Eleventh Generation (Continued)

1854 Nathaniel BLOOD47, 8G Grandfather.  Born in Apr 1650 in Lynn, Massachusetts. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, aft 1719.

According to Harris,47 Nathaniel Blood was born about 1650 in Lynn, Massachusetts, and "was alive on Mch 8, 1719/20 when fined 20/- or two hours in the stocks for not attending public worship, but considering his low condition and charge of family and being 'a lame person' it is not more. Perhaps alive in 1723 when son still called Nathaniel Jr. Joseph Parker's petition of 1705 (vide supra) in telling that Richard had left three sons goes on to say 'two of which sons dyed and left small children and the other, living being decriped and unable to manage his own affairs....'"

Harris continues: "Nathaniel apparently did not live very close to the village [of Groton]. On Sept 15, 1673 he petitioned with the proprietors of farms on the Merrimack River. On Sept 26, 1691 while preparing for Indian outbursts against Dunstable and neighborhood Thomas Henchman writes that he had sent Nathaniel Blood and two more men to Groton to strengthen the garrison there. A discussion concerning the names of his children may be found in the Boston Transcript N694 May 27, 1908 & June 8, 1908."47

He married Hannah (Anna) PARKER47, 8G Grandmother, on 13 Jun 1670.

They had the following children:
i. Hannah (Anna)23 (1671-1676)
927 ii. Elizabeth (1673-<1746)
iii. Sarah47 (1675-?1690)
iv. Abigail47
v. Mary47 (1678-1699)
vi. Nathaniel47 (1680-1756)
vii. Joseph47 (1682-1777)
viii. Ruth47 (->1721)

1855 Hannah (Anna) PARKER47, 8G Grandmother.  Born on 5 Jan 1647. Died on 14 Jan 1728.

1872 James BLOOD. (Same as ahnentafel number 920.)

1873 Abigail KEMP. (Same as ahnentafel number 921.)

1876 Caleb FARLEY86, 8G Grandfather.  Born on 1 Apr 1645 in Woburn, Massachusetts. Died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on 16 Mar 1711.

He married Lydia MOORE86, 8G Grandmother, on 3 Nov 1669 in Woburn, Massachusetts.

They had the following children:
938 i. Joseph (1683-1752)
ii. Ebenezer104

1877 Lydia MOORE86, 8G Grandmother.  Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, on 19 Nov 1715.

1878 Samuel COOK31, 8G Grandfather.  Born abt 1655. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 22 Aug 1731. Buried in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Old Burying Ground).88,105

Savage reports that Samuel Cook, "Cambridge, s. of Philip, m. 14 Nov. 1681, Abigail, d. of Joseph Griggs, wh. d. 28 Jan. 1714, had Samuel, wh. d. at 17 yrs.; John; perhaps others; and d. 22 Aug. 1731, aged 76."31

He married Abigail GRIGGS86, 8G Grandmother, on 14 Nov 1681 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

They had the following children:
i. Samuel31 (-1700)
ii. John31 (-1723)
939 iii. Abigail (1688-1753)

1879 Abigail GRIGGS86, 8G Grandmother.  Born in 1661 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Died in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 28 Jan 1713/14. Buried in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Old Burying Ground).105

1956 Jonathan FARNSWORTH33, 8G Grandfather.  Born on 1 Jun 1675 in Groton, Massachusetts.

The marriage shown here between Jonathan Farnsworth and Ruth Shattuck is almost certainly incorrect and needs to be revised. It is certain that Jonathan Farnsworth had a wife named Ruth, and that John Shattuck has a daughter Ruth, but it is unlikely that these two Ruths are the same. See the 2nd Torrey supplement which apparently stated that Jonathan's wife was definitely not a Shattuck. The erroneous connection apparently comes from conjectures made initially by Lemuel Shattuck, which were then reported as confirmed in later works such as The Farnsworth Memorial.

He married Ruth SHATTUCK23,87, 8G Grandmother, bef 1698.

They had the following children:
i. Ruth87 (1699-)
978 ii. Jonathan (1701-1775)
iii. Ephraim87 (1703-1737)
iv. Reuben87 (1705-)
v. Phineas87 (1707-)
vi. Priscilla87 (1709-)
vii. Nathaniel87 (1711-1784)
viii. John87 (1714-1715)
ix. Hannah87 (1716-)
x. Simeon87 (1718-)
xi. Susannah87 (1720-)
xii. Elias87 (1723-)
xiii. John87 (1725-)

1957 Ruth SHATTUCK23,87, 8G Grandmother.  Born on 24 Jun 1668 in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Bond40 gives her birthdate as "Jan. 24, 1667-8."

The marriage shown here between Jonathan Farnsworth and Ruth Shattuck is almost certainly incorrect and needs to be revised. It is certain that Jonathan Farnsworth had a wife named Ruth, and that John Shattuck has a daughter Ruth, but it is unlikely that these two Ruths are the same. See the 2nd Torrey supplement which apparently stated that Jonathan's wife was definitely not a Shattuck. The erroneous connection apparently comes from conjectures made initially by Lemuel Shattuck, which were then reported as confirmed in later works such as The Farnsworth Memorial.

1958 John BURT87, 8G Grandfather. Born in 1673 in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Died in Harvard, Massachusetts, on 19 Apr 1756.

He married Rebecca GROUT87, 8G Grandmother.

They had one child:
979 i. Mary (1702-)

1959 Rebecca GROUT87, 8G Grandmother.  Born on 4 Jun 1670 in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Died in Harvard, Massachusetts, on 26 Oct 1758.

1960 Samuel SHED34, 8G Grandfather.  Born on 13 Aug 1660 in Billerica, Massachusetts. Will dated on 5 Oct 1723. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, abt Oct 1723.

According to the Shed Genealogy34 (with square brackets in the original), Samuel Shed "was born in Billerica, Mass., 13 Aug. 1660, being the eldest child of Daniel1 Shed by his second wife. But little can be learned of his career though it probably did not differ much from that of his brothers. He took the oath of fidelity in 1677 and was thus admitted early to the rights of a freeman. His name is found in a tax rate for Billerica in 1688 in the sum of 2s.-2d. His first two children were born in Chelmsford, Mass., but it is presumable that the Indian massacres in the summer of 1690 and again two years later caused him to give up his settlement on the frontier and seek the greater protection afforded in Billerica, little as that was, for the next child's birth is on the records in Billerica. He appears to have resided later for about eight years in Chelmsford and then after 1702 in Groton, Mass., where all his later years were spent. He was a man of good standing and possessed of considerable property in that part of Groton since 1753 Pepperell, and he died in Groton about Oct. 1723.

"His will dated 5 Oct. 1723, just after the death of his son Daniel, and lodged 13 Nov. 1723, has an opening part showing a very religious spirit controlling him. He devises to his beloved wife Elizabeth, then to his son Samuel he gives 'Upland and meadow near Baddecook and burnt meadow also a meadow at Cow-pond Brook &c all in Groton.' To the heirs of his son 'Daniel Shead' 40 shillings, and the same to his son Jonathan in full of his share. To his daughters, Elizabeth Robins 5 shillings, Mary Gilson 40 shillings, Hannah Green 40 shillings, Sarah Hutchins �5, and Esther Pearce 50 shillings, all of them having previously received something. To his youngest daughter Abigail Shead �18, to be paid at her marriage or when twenty-one years of age. His youngest son John was residuary legatee of all his buildings and land, his oxen and other cattle, etc., and said son and his mother were appointed executors of the will. [Signed with a mark.] (Middlesex County Probate Records, File 20227.)"

He married Elizabeth BOWERS34, 8G Grandmother, in 1688.

They had the following children:
i. Elizabeth15,34 (1688-)
ii. Samuel34 (1690-~1746)
980 iii. Daniel (1693-1723)
iv. Mary34 (~1694-)
v. Jonathan34 (1696-1756)
vi. Hannah34 (1698-)
vii. Sarah34 (1700-)
viii. Esther34 (1703-1768)
ix. John34 (1706-1764)
x. Abigail34 (1708-1762)

1961 Elizabeth BOWERS34, 8G Grandmother.  Born in 1672.

1964 Thomas TARBELL74,8, 8G Grandfather.  Born on 6 Jul 1667 in Groton, Massachusetts. Died in Lexington, Massachusetts, on 8 Oct 1715.

The family of Thomas and Elizabeth Tarbell was well-known in the history of early New England. Their children Sarah, John, and Zachariah were kidnapped by Indians on 20 June 1707 and taken to Canada. It was said that they had been up a tree picking cherries, and had no time to get down and escape before they were captured. The daughter Sarah was ransomed by the French and lived with the Sisters of Congregation of Notre Dame at Lachine, where she was baptised as a Catholic on 23 July 1708. The two sons, John and Zachariah, became prominent members of their adoptive tribe, and have many descendants living today among the Mohawk people of southern Canada and adjacent upper New York, particularly in the vicinity of Hogansburg, New York, in the community of Akwesasne.

See also:

He married Elizabeth WOODS8,74,32, 8G Grandmother, on 1 Dec 1686 in Groton, Massachusetts.

They had the following children:
i. Thomas (1687-1757)
982 ii. William (1689-1757)
iii. Elizabeth (1691-)
iv. Sarah (1693-)
v. John (1695-)
vi. Samuel74 (1696-1776)
vii. Zachariah (1699-)
viii. Anna (1702-)
ix. James (1704-)
x. Eleazer (1707-)

1965 Elizabeth WOODS8,74,32, 8G Grandmother.  Born on 17 Sep 1665 in Groton, Massachusetts. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 24 Jan 1717.

There is confusion in the literature about the identity of Thomas Tarbell's wife Elizabeth. Shattuck's Memorials on p. 369, Butler's History of Groton18 on p. 440, and Green's Epitaphs33 on p. 256 all call her Elizabeth Blood (Green says she was dau. of Richard and Isabel Blood). But Green on p. 28 identifies her as Elizabeth Woods, not Elizabeth Blood. Here I follow Skeate74 who writes in a footnote: "Middlesex Ct. of Sessions, V. 1, p. 302, contains a petition of Thomas Tarbell, stating he had supported his father-in-law, Samuel Woods, and asks that the other children help with his support. Several sources which say he M. Elizabeth Blood are wrong." And yet the acount of Elizabeth Blood in Shattuck's Memorials23 is comprehensive and identifies her husband as Thomas Tarbell. The situation requires careful investigation.

1966 Benjamin FARNSWORTH8, 8G Grandfather.  Born in Lynn, Massachusetts. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, on 15 Aug 1733.

He married Mary PRESCOTT8, 8G Grandmother, abt 1695 in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

They had the following children:
983 i. Mary (1696-1784)
ii. Lydia74 (1706-)

1967 Mary PRESCOTT8, 8G Grandmother.  Born on 3 Feb 1673/4 in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

1968 Isaac STEARNS48, 8G Grandfather.  Born on 6 Jan 1632/3 in Watertown, Massachusetts.68  in 1665. Died on 29 Aug 1676.

Threlfall's GMC5069 gives the marriage date of Isaac Stearns and Sarah Beers as 24 June 1660.

He married Sarah BEERS48,40, 8G Grandmother, on 28 Jun 1660 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.68

They had one child:
984 i. John (1675-1734)

1969 Sarah BEERS48,40, 8G Grandmother.  Died on 21 Jan 1723/4.69

1970 Samuel DAVIS. (Same as ahnentafel number 400.)

1971 Mary MEDDOWES. (Same as ahnentafel number 401.)

1984 John CUMMINGS15, 8G Grandfather.  Born say 1658. Died aft 1732.

According to Mooar's Descendants of Isaac Cummings15, "4. JOHN CUMMINGS (John2, Isaac1) married Sept. 13, 1680, Elisabeth, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Bracket) Kinsley, of Billerica, Mass. Hannah Bracket, daughter of Capt. Richard and Alice, was baptised Nov. 4, 1634, in Boston. He is probably the John who is designated as 'Serg't Cummings,' and was one of a small garrison in Dunstable established Dec. 25, 1702, under the command of Lt. Col. Jonathan Tyng. It is usually stated that it was the garrison at his own house which was assaulted, July 3, 1706, by a party of two hundred Mohawk Indians. His house stood on the right hand of the road from Dunstable to the present town of Tyngsborough, about a half mile from the former place. The stories of the attack are not harmonious in all particulars. It seems to be agreed that there was a company of soldiers in the garrison at the time and that they were surprised. 'At sunset a Mr. Cummings and his wife went out to milk their cows and left the gate open. The Indians who had advanced undiscovered, started up, shot Mrs. Cummings dead ('Goody Cummings died July 3, 1706, at night.') upon the spot, and wounded her husband who had his arm broken, but was so fortunate as to reach the woods while the Indians were engaged in the house. That night he lay in a swamp in the northerly part of Tyngsborough, about a quarter of a mile west of the great road, and a few rods south of the state line. The next day he arrived at the garrison near Tyngsborough Village.' (1. N. H. Hist. Coll. 133.) He is spoken of as selectmen in 1711 and in the same year the house of Mr. John Cummings was reported as one of seven fortified houses in Dunstable, having two families, two males, two soldiers, and twenty-one persons in all. 'Sarg't Cummings & Henry Farwell were deputed in 1717, Jan. 10, by vote of the town to [p. 11] get a minister as soon as they can.' May 20th, 1725, after the sad occasion of Capt. Lovewell's defeat, both John Cummings and John Cummings Jr. joined with the Selectmen and other citizens in petitioning the Governor and Council of Mass. for protection in the defenceless condition of the community. The question arises whether the elder John had remarried. It is on record that 'John Cummings of Groton, weaver, and wife Elisabeth, widow of John Sollendino, sold land in Groton, 1732.' Sollendino was married 1679-80, to Elisabeth Usher, said to be the first marriage in Dunstable. He was a carpenter and helped build the meetinghouse in 1677 and a bridge over Salmon Creek, 1699. His house was one of seven garrisons in 1711." [A list of John Cummings' children follows.]

He married Elisabeth KINSLEY15, 8G Grandmother, on 13 Sep 1680.

They had the following children:
992 i. John (1682-1759)
ii. Samuel34,15 (1684-1718)
iii. Elisabeth15 (1687-)
iv. Sarah15 (1690-)
v. Ebenezer15 (1695-1724)
vi. Ann15 (1698-)
vii. Lydia15 (Died as Infant) (1701-1701)
viii. William15 (1702-1757)

1985 Elisabeth KINSLEY15, 8G Grandmother.  Died in Dunstable, Massachusetts, on 3 Jul 1706.

Elizabeth (Kinsley) Cummings died when shot by Indians near her garrison house on the Dunstable-Tyngsboro Road.

1986 Pelatiah ADAMS. (Same as ahnentafel number 1010.)

1987 Ruth PARKER. (Same as ahnentafel number 1011.)

1988 Patrick FASSET, 8G Grandfather. Born in 1628 in Scotland. Died in Billerica, Massachusetts, on 7 Nov 1713.

From GENDEX: Pioneer Irish in New England, P.J. Kenedy & Sons, NY, c1937. Says Patrick believed to have been an Irishman. "He seems to have been a sort of roving mechanic, going from place to place with his tools and equipment."

The Fassett family data is taken from the "Schuster Fassett Book" according to GENDEX sources.

He married Sarah REYLEY, 8G Grandmother.

They had one child:
994 i. Josiah (1687-)

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