New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

Twelfth Generation (Continued)

3997 Margaret CRANE4, 9G Grandmother.  Born on 1 Feb 1600 in Coggeshall, Essex, England. Died in Ipswich, Massachusetts, on 23 Jan 1676. Immigrated in Nov 1636 London to Boston.

According to Savage,31 Rev. Nathaniel Rogers "m. Margaret, d. of Robert Crane, a gent. with good est. of Coggeshall, Co. Essex, at whose ho. perhaps, the eldest ch. John was b. Jan 1631."

3998 Jonathan WADE68, 9G Grandfather.  Born abt 1612 in England. Died on 13 Jun 1683. Immigrated in 1632 "Lyon" to Boston.  on 14 May 1634. Occupation: merchant, tavernkeeper.

The Massachusetts immigrant Jonathan Wade has been comprehensively treated by Anderson.68 He was a merchant and tavern keeper, and made at least two return trips to England. His name frequently appears in court records concerning business transactions. His children married into some of the most influential families in the colony (Dudley, Cotton, Bradstreet). In a court petition of 17 Mar 1682 he claimed to have been an original backer of the Massachusetts colony in 1629, having contributed �60 in total, and yet had never received the land allotment that had been promised him. His origins in England are not yet known.

Rose-Troup117 claims that Jonathan Wade was the son of Thomas Wade (square brackets in the original): "THOMAS WADE, of Northampton. His son Jonathan emigrated in 1632 and in 1649 petitioned for land in respect of '60li formerly disbursed by Thomas Wade for his use in the Country Stocke, for the furtherance of this plantation.' [MR. III, 154.] This was at first denied but afterwards granted. In 1652 he had 400 acres 'with respect to fifty pounds by him formerly disbursed for the use and behoof of the Country,' [MR. III, 271], and confirmed because of his 'disbursing of 50li for the good of this colony at the first.' [MR. IV, 90.]"

He married Susanna _____68, 9G Grandmother, by 1633.

They had the following children:
i. Mary68 (bp. 1633-)
ii. Jonathan68 (~1637-1689)
iii. Prudence68 (~1639-)
1999 iv. Sarah (~1641-)
v. Elizabeth68 (~1644-)
vi. Nathaniel68 (~1648-)
vii. Thomas68 (~1650-)

3999 Susanna _____68, 9G Grandmother. Died in Ipswich, Massachusetts, on 29 Nov 1678. Immigrated ? .

4032 John WRIGHT4, 9G Grandfather.  Born on 15 Sep 1601 in West Peckham, Kent, England. Died in Woburn, Massachusetts, on 21 Jul 1688. Immigrated ? .

Details of the family from Savage to be entered.

He married Priscilla BYFIELD4, 9G Grandmother.

They had one child:
2016 i. John (~1631-1714)

4033 Priscilla BYFIELD4, 9G Grandmother. Died in Lancaster, Massachusetts, on 10 Apr 1687.

FamilySearch records identify Priscilla Byfield as the daughter of Richard Byfield and Sarah of Mortlake or Long Ditton, Surrey, England, and as the granddaughter of Richard Byfield and Margaret. No sources are given. Neither Priscilla nor her parents appear in Wyman's Charlestown (although they are described as "of Charlestown").

4034 Arthur WARREN4, 9G Grandfather.  Died in Weymouth, Massachusetts, on 6 Jul 1658. Immigrated ? .

See Savage for some info to be entered.

He married Mary _____4, 9G Grandmother.

They had one child:
2017 i. Abigail (1640-1726)

4035 Mary _____4, 9G Grandmother.

4036 Henry STEVENS. (Same as ahnentafel number 3592.)

4037 Alice _____. (Same as ahnentafel number 3593.)

4038 Richard HILDRETH. (Same as ahnentafel number 1660.)

4039 Elizabeth HINCHMAN. (Same as ahnentafel number 3595.)

4040 Henry ADAMS89, 9G Grandfather.  Born abt 1583 in Barton St. David, Somersetshire, England. Buried on 8 Oct 1646 in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts. Immigrated in 1638.

The Massachusetts immigrant Henry Adams and his wife Edith Squire have been studied by many genealogists. The data given here follow Bartlett89 who provides a comprehensive account of Henry Adams' family and his English origins. A brief commentary on some widely-reprinted false information on Henry Adams' descendants (particularly through his son John) was recently published by Ullmann.118

Henry Adams and Edith Squire are ancestors of U.S. Presidents John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Calvin Coolidge,78 as well as poet Emily Dickinson.94

He married Edith SQUIRE89, 9G Grandmother, on 19 Oct 1609 in Charleton Mackrell, Somersetshire, England.

They had the following children:
i. Henry89 (1610-1676)
2020 ii. Thomas (bp. 1612-1688)
iii. Jonathan89 (~1614-1690)
iv. Samuel89 (~1617-1689)
v. Ursula89 (~1619-)
vi. Peter89 (1621-1690)
vii. John89 (bp. 1622-1706)
viii. Joseph89 (1626-1694)
ix. Edward89 (bp. 1629-1716)

4041 Edith SQUIRE89, 9G Grandmother.  was baptized on 29 May 1587 in Charlton Mackrell, Somersetshire, England. Died in Medfield, Massachusetts, on 21 Jan 1672/3. Immigrated in 1638.

4048 John HEALD69, 9G Grandfather.  Born in Jun 1611 in Mobberley, Cheshire, England.52 Will dated on 19 Apr 1662. Died in Concord, Massachusetts, on 24 May 1662. Immigrated by 1637?

According to Threlfall's GMC50,69 "JOHN HEALD was of Concord, Massachusetts, about 1637. In the parish register of Alderly, Cheshire, is recorded the marriage of one John Heald and Dorothy Royle, on 3 December 1636, and also the baptism of John Heald, son of John and Dorothy Heald, 26 March 1637. This surely must be the same as John of Concord.

"He was made a freeman 2 June 1641. He lived in Concord, apparently in the north quarter of town. He wrote his own will, signed it on 19 April 1662, and died five weeks later on 24 May 1662. The will was proved 16 June following. The will commences: 'I John Heald of Concord in the County of Middlesex in Massachusetts Collony being sick in body butt of perfect mind and memory, doe make this my Last Will and Testament...'. He names his three eldest children only, John being 'my eldest son'. Hannah was named only by her given name altho she was then married. These three had already received their portion of the estate. To each of his five younger children, he bequeathed the sum of thirteen pounds, six shillings and eight pence to be paid to them by 'my loving wife Dorothy' when they reached twenty one or at their marriage. He left one suit of clothes to John, his great coat to Timothy, and a waist coat to Hannah. The rest of the estate was to go to his wife. The net value of the estate was �140.1s. His will is unusual for that time in that the handwriting, his own, is clear and graceful and the spelling and punctuation are that of an extremely literate man. In light of the lack of specific evidence that he was from Alderley, it is interesting to note that at Alderley, a few yards from the parish church, is an ancient school house which was built around 1628. This would explain how John Heald learned to read and write with skill as great as any university trained clergyman. This school house was used until 1908.

"Dorothy, 'the widow Heald', was listed as a land holder in 1665 with 6 lots of about 161 acres total in the north quarter of Concord. She died 29 October 1694 at Dedham. How she happened to die in Dedham is hard to explain. None of her children are known to have lived there. The record [p. 200] would seem to apply to her, as no other persons of similar name have been identified. Usually deaths were recorded where the person lived so it would seem she must have been living there during her last days." A transcript of John Heald's estate inventory follows.

The entry on the Heald family in Shattuck's Concord58 reads as follows: "HEALD. This name is sometimes erroneously spelled Hale or Held. John here in 1635, came from Berwick, Eng.; d. May 24, 1662; had John, Timothy, Dorcas, Gershom, Dorothy, Israel, and perhaps other children. Gershom m. Ann Vinton 1673, and removed to Stow.

"John, jr., above mentioned, m. Sarah Dean 1661, and had Elizabeth, John, Gershom, Sarah, and perhaps others; of whom, John m. Mary Chandler 1690; d. Nov. 25, 1721, a. 55; had Mary, m. John Parling; John, deacon in Acton; Timothy, great-grandfather of John, Esq. of Carlisle; Josiah, Elizabeth, Samuel, Amos, deacon in Concord, in Lincoln, and in Townsend; Ephraim, and Dorcas."

The discrepancy in arrival dates between Shattuck and Threlfall is unexplained.

He married Dorothy ROYLE69, 9G Grandmother, on 3 Dec 1636 in Alderley, Cheshire, England.

They had the following children:
2024 i. John (1637-1689)
ii. Hannah69 (~1639-1689)
iii. Timothy69 (~1641-1689)
iv. Dorcas69 (Died as Child) (1645-1650)
v. Gershom69 (1647-1717)
vi. Dorothy69 (1649-1674)
vii. Thomas69 (1652-1725)
viii. Isaac69 (-1717)
ix. _____69 (Died as Child) (-<1662)
x. Israel69 (1660-1738)

4049 Dorothy ROYLE69, 9G Grandmother. Died in Dedham, Massachusetts, on 29 Oct 1694. Immigrated ? .

"She was perhaps the Dorothy Royle, dau. of George of Eccles, Lancashire, who was bapt. 3 Sept. 1615. Eccles is on the border with Cheshire."52

4050 Thomas DEAN31, 9G Grandfather. Born abt 1603. Died on 5 Feb 1676. Immigrated in 1635 "Elizabeth & Ann".

Thomas Dean was an early settler of Concord. Savage31 identifies him as a carpenter, and notes that in some records his name is spelled Dane.

Note that the birthdates of daughters Sarah (from an email correspondent) and Mary (from Savage, who is uncertain if the name Mary is correct) cannot both be correct.

Some websites identify him as coming from Cranbrook, Kent.

He married Elizabeth _____69, 9G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
i. Joseph31 (~1638-)
2025 ii. Sarah (1642-1689)
iii. Mary?31 (1643-)
iv. Hannah31 (1646-)
v. Elizabeth31 (1648-1649)

4051 Elizabeth _____69, 9G Grandmother. Died in 1673.58 Immigrated ? .

4052 John PARLIN, 9G Grandfather.

2026 i. Nicholaus (1640-1722)

4054 John HANMORE, 9G Grandfather.

2027 i. Sarah

4064 Obadiah READ69, 9G Grandfather.  was baptized on 31 May 1640 in Salem, Massachusetts. Died in Boston, Massachusetts, on 19 Feb 1721/2. Buried in Boston, Massachusetts (Copp's Hill).

He married Ann SWIFT69, 9G Grandmother, on 19 Aug 1664.

They had the following children:
2032 i. Thomas
ii. Elizabeth31 (1669-)
iii. Sarah31 (Died as Child) (1671-)
iv. Ann31 (1673-)
v. Obadiah31 (Died as Child) (1677-)
vi. Obadiah31 (Died as Child) (1678-)
vii. James31 (1680-)

4065 Ann SWIFT69, 9G Grandmother.  Born on 14 Nov 1647. Died on 13 Sep 1680. Buried in Boston, Massachusetts (Copp's Hill).

4068 Thomas CHAMBERLAIN31, 9G Grandfather. Born abt 1610 in England. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, abt 21 Dec 1700.72  in 1644. Of Woburn, Massachusetts. Immigrated ? .

There is a short paper by Prentiss Glazier on "Chamberlain Families of Early New England"119 that contains many assertions about this Thomas Chamberlain, but provides almost no support for any of them and contains at least one factual error. Glazier asserts that this Thomas Chamberlain was "almost certainly" the son of a Francis Chamberlain of Elizabeth City, Virginia, who emigrated from England in the "Marmaduke" in 1621.77 No evidence for such a relationship is presented. Glazier goes on to assert that this Thomas Chamberlain emigrated from Gravesend to Virginia in "May 1635, aged 20"; this statement appears to refer to the entry in Hotten for a "Tho: Chamberlin," aged 20, embarked in the "Thomas" on ijo [2nd] June, not May, 1635.77 Glazier further claims this Thomas Chamberlain was one of the party of Puritans who fled Virginia in 1644 with Daniel Gookin, apparently on the grounds that Daniel Gookin and Thomas Chamberlain were made freemen in Boston on the same date, and that Daniel Gookin is listed in Hotten's Virginia muster rolls shortly after the Francis Chamberlain above. In the absence of further supporting details, most of these connections strike me as speculative.

Savage31 give the date of Thomas Chamberlain's marriage to Mary (?Pope) Parker as 19 April 1674.

He married Mary _____31, 9G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
2034 i. Thomas (-1727)
ii. Samuel31 (1645-)
iii. Mary31 (1649-)

4069 Mary _____31, 9G Grandmother. Died bef 1674.

4070 Robert PROCTOR120, 9G Grandfather.  Born in 1624 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Will dated on 10 Mar 1695/6. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, on 28 Apr 1697. Immigrated by 1643.  in 1643.

The male-line descendants of the immigrant Robert Proctor were monographed in 1898 by William Lawrence Proctor and his wife.120 According to their work, Robert Proctor, "the earliest American Ancestor of the families to which this volume is devoted, first appears in this country at Concord, Massachusetts, where he was made a freeman in 1643. He married, Dec. 31, 1645, Jane, the eldest daughter of Richard Hildreth of Concord and Chelmsford, the ancestor of the Hildreths of America, who died at Chelmsford in 1688, and whose younger daughter, Abigail, became the wife of Moses Parker.

"In 1653 Robert Proctor, in connection with Richard Hildreth and twenty-seven others, petitioned the General Court for a grant of land six miles square, 'to begin at Merrimack river at a neck of land next to Concord river, and so run up by Concord river south, and west into the country to make up that circumference or quantity of land as is above expressed.' The petition was granted. In 1654 Mr. Proctor removed to the new plantation which was organized, November twenty-second of that year, as a town under the name of Chelmsford. The first four or five of his children were born in Concord, the others in Chelmsford. His descendants resided in many of the neighboring towns, and at an early date some of them pushed back into the wilderness and settled in New Hamp-[p. 5]shire, Vermont and New York, and have since scattered over the West.

"He died at Chelmsford, April 28, 1697. Letters of administration upon his estate were granted to Jane Proctor, executrix, July 13, 1697. In his will, dated March 10, 1695-6, he speaks of having already deeded lands to his sons Gershom, Peter, James, John, Samuel and Israel, and mentions son Thomas, to whom certain lands are given if he 'live and return from Sea to New England;' also daughters Dorothy Barrett, Elizabeth Proctor, Sarah Chamberlain and Mary Bourne. Some of his children settled in what afterwards became the West Precinct, and later in the town of Westford."120

The information given here on Robert Proctor's ancestors as well as his birthdate and place come without sources from Ancestral File. This information may not be correct. The following email message provides some background:

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 09:28:48
From: Kathleen (Proctor) Rowe <>
Subject: Robert Proctor of Chelmsford

To my knowledge, coincidence is the only thing connecting Robert of
Chelmsford to Robert of St. Albans. Although that information is in one
of the family histories at the Family History Center Libraries, that
family history has many errors and inconsistancies -- so many that most
serious researchers have discarded the majority of the information

The connection between Robert of MA and Robert of St Albans was also
published in _Proctor Genealogy 1546 - 1982_ by A. Carlton Proctor. I
have not seen the book personally, but the author supposedly cites Parish
Records of St Mary's Parish of St Albans (which is just outside of

Here is the coincidental evidence:

1. Richard Hildreth, father in law of Robert of Chelmsford, is probably
from St Albans.
2. Ties between the Hildreth and Proctor families are quite strong;
Robert of MA married Richard's daughter, Jane Hildreth; Robert and
Richard had a number of business and community dealings together.
3. Robert of St Albans was born about the right time to actually be
Robert of MA.
4. Richard Hildreth and Robert of MA arrived in Concord about the same

Please let me know if you are interested in more specific details. I'd
love to share and compare sources and information.

He married Jane HILDRETH, 9G Grandmother, on 31 Dec 1645 in Concord, Massachusetts.

They had the following children:
2035 i. Sarah (1646-1706)
ii. Gershom120 (1648-)
iii. Mary120 (1650-)
iv. Peter120 (1652-)
v. Dorothy120 (1654-)
vi. Elizabeth120 (1656-)
vii. James120 (1658-)
viii. Lydia120 (1660-1661)
ix. John120 (1663-)
x. Samuel120 (1665-)
xi. Israel120 (1668-)
xii. Thomas120 (1671-)

4071 Jane HILDRETH, 9G Grandmother.  Born in 1628. Died in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, in 1688. Immigrated ? .

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