New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

Thirteenth Generation (Continued)

6450 Sir Thomas FOSTER108, 10G Grandfather. Born in ? Etherstone, Northumberland, England.

3225 i. Susan

6460 Thomas WELLS, 10G Grandfather.  Born abt 1540 in Little Totham, Essex, England. Will dated on 15 Jun 1605 at Maldon, Essex, England. Died in Maldon, Essex, England, on 15 Jun 1605. Buried on 15 Jun 1605 in Maldon, Essex, England (St. Peter's Church). Will proved on 11 Jul 1605.

He married Thomasine _____52, 10G Grandmother.

They had one child:
3230 i. Thomas (bp. 1569-)

6461 Thomasine _____52, 10G Grandmother.

6484 William SELKEDEN75, 10G Grandfather.  Buried on 4 Oct 1551 in Upper Beeding, England.

He married Marian _____75, 10G Grandmother, abt 1540.

They had the following children:
i. Richard75
ii. _____75
iii. _____75
3242 iv. William

6485 Marian _____75, 10G Grandmother.

6744 Thomas GARFIELD99, 10G Grandfather.  Born in say 1557. Died aft 31 Jul 1596.

He married Agnes _____99, 10G Grandmother, in by 1582 in England.

They had the following children:
3372 i. Edward (bp. 1583-1672)
ii. Thomas99 (bp. 1585-)
iii. William99 (bp. 1587-)
iv. Margaret99 (bp. 1589-)
v. Sara99 (bp. 1591-)
vi. Henry99 (bp. 1593-)
vii. Elizabeth99 (bp. 1596-)

6745 Agnes _____99, 10G Grandmother. Buried on 22 Feb 1615/6 in Holy Trinity, Coventry, Warwickshire, England.

6776 Thomas KNOPP. (Same as ahnentafel number 3236.)

6777 Alice HOWLAT. (Same as ahnentafel number 3237.)

6778 John TUE. (Same as ahnentafel number 3238.)

6779 Cicely _____. (Same as ahnentafel number 3239.)

6780 John WARREN55,69, 10G Grandfather.  Born say 1552. Will dated on 27 Mar 1613 at Nayland, Suffolk, England. Died in Nayland, Suffolk, England, in 1613. Will proved on 4 Nov 1613 at Nayland, Suffolk, England.

Smith and Threlfall both transcribe John Warren's will, in which John is described as a cardmaker. Threlfall adds69 that John Warren "was taxed 16 pence on his land in the subsidy (tax) of 8 James I (1611)."

He married Elizabeth SKARLET55,69, 10G Grandmother, on 4 Oct 1584 in Nayland, Suffolk, England.

They had the following children:
3390 i. John (bp. 1585-1667)
ii. Daniel55 (bp. 1586->1613)
iii. Isaac55 (bp. 1588->1613)
iv. Nathaniel55 (bp. 1589-)
v. Amos55 (bp. 1591->1613)
vi. Elizabeth55 (~1592->1613)
vii. Joshua55 (bp. 1594->1613)
viii. Joseph55 (bp. 1596-1596)
ix. Mary55 (bp. 1599->1613)
x. Thomas55 (bp. 1601->1613)

6781 Elizabeth SKARLET55,69, 10G Grandmother.  was baptized on 30 Aug 1561 in Nayland, Suffolk, England. Buried on 27 Mar 1603 in Nayland, Suffolk, England.

Smith spells her name Skarlet; Threlfall spells it Scarlett.

6782 William BAYLY82, 10G Grandfather. Born in 1567. Died in Everleigh, Parish/Westbury, Gloucestershire, England, on 2 Mar 1614.

He married Ann _____82, 10G Grandmother.

They had one child:
3391 i. Margaret (-1662)

6783 Ann _____82, 10G Grandmother.

7058 Nicholas PATCH, 10G Grandfather.  Born abt 1550 in South Petherton, Somerset, England. Died in South Petherton, Somerset, England, on 25 Dec 1637.

He married Jane _____, 10G Grandmother.

They had one child:
3529 i. Elizabeth (bp. 1594-1676)

7059 Jane _____, 10G Grandmother.

7060 John PALGRAVE83, 10G Grandfather.  Of Pulham, St. Mary the Virgin, Norfolk, England.

He married Amy _____83, 10G Grandmother.

They had one child:
3530 i. Richard (bp. 1598-1630)

7061 Amy _____83, 10G Grandmother. Of Pulham, St. Mary the Virgin, Norfolk, England.

7066 Hugh LASKIN109,31, 10G Grandfather. Died by 21 Mar 1658/9. Immigrated in 1635. Of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1635.  on 22 May 1639.

Charles Banks' claim that Hugh Laskin arrived in New England in 1628 on the Abigail are unsubstantiated, as is his claim that Laskin was from Broadwinsor, Dorset.109

He married Alice _____109, 10G Grandmother, by abt 1612.109

They had the following children:
3533 i. Edith (~1612->1677)
ii. Timothy68,109 (~1629-)

7067 Alice _____109, 10G Grandmother. Died in Salem, Massachusetts, on 23 Jul 1658. Immigrated abt 1635.

7176 Thomas WHITNEY55, 10G Grandfather. Born in say 1560. Buried on 15 Apr 1637 in St. Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England.

According to Smith,55 at the time of his marriage Thomas was described as Thomas Whitney "of Lambert Marsh, gent." His parentage "is currently unknown. A fraudulent royal pedigree was published in Ancestry of John Whitney...1896, by Henry Melville. His otherwise excellent work fell victim to a pretender's claim to the inheritance of the Whitneys of Whitney, Herts." The Winch website ( speculates that Thomas' father was one Robert Whitney, b. 1543 at Whitney, Hereford, who is further traced. On this speculation Thomas' birthdate and place are given as 14 Jul 1560, Lambeth Marsh, Surrey. Whether this speculation is derived from Melville's fraudulent pedigree, or from another source, is not known.

Smith provides details of Thomas Whitney's estate, including a transcript of the complete inventory taken after his death. The estate was valued at �233, a very considerable sum, indicating that Thomas, who was a tailor and a merchant, was a prominent member of his community.

He married Mary BRAY55, 10G Grandmother, on 10 May 1583 in St. Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England.

They had the following children:
i. Margaret (bp. 1584-)
ii. Thomas (bp. 1587-)
iii. Henry (bp. 1588-)
iv. Arnwaye (bp. 1590-)
3588 v. John (bp. 1592-1673)
vi. Nowell (bp. 1594-)
vii. Francis (bp. 1599-1643)
viii. Mary (bp. 1600-)
ix. Robert (bp. 1605-)
x. Thomas? (~1609-)
xi. James?

7177 Mary BRAY55, 10G Grandmother.  was baptized on 24 Dec 1564 in St. Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England. Buried on 25 Sep 1629 in St. Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex, England.

See the data from Smith under her husband Thomas Whitney.

7180 Thomas TARBELL, 10G Grandfather. Born abt 1590.

Data from to be verified. Name also spelled Turville.

3590 i. Thomas (~1618-1678)

7188 Joseph HILDRETH. (Same as ahnentafel number 3320.)

7190 Maj. Thomas HINCHMAN31, 10G Grandfather. Died on 18 Jul 1703. Immigrated ? .  in 1654.

According to Savage,31 Thomas Hinchman (or Henchman) of "Concord, rem. early to sett. at Chelmsford, freem. 1654, had Bridget, who m. 28 Nov. 1660, James Richardson, and perhaps other ch. was rep. 1667, 71, and 6, major of the reg. of Middlesex, and d. 18 Jul. 1703. Allen says he rem. from Wenham."

i. Bridget31
3595 ii. Elizabeth (~1625-1693)

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