New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

Thirteenth Generation (Continued)

7988 Edward COGSWELL123, 10G Grandfather.  Born in 1554 in Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England. Died in Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England, abt 12 Jan 1615/6.

"Edward Cogswell, son of Robert and Alice Cogswell, was a clothier, pursuing the business of his father and ancestors for generations. His estates were designated Ludborne, Horningsham, and Ripond Mylls. Ripond Mylls were located in Frome Selwood, a few miles from Westbury. Frome Selwood was so named because near the famous Selwood Forest. Mr. Cogswell died early in 1616, and was buried in the churchyard of Westbury. Mrs. Cogswell survived him but a few weeks."106

He married Alice _____123, 10G Grandmother.

They had one child:
3994 i. John (bp. 1592-1669)

7989 Alice _____123, 10G Grandmother. Born in 1559 in Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England. Died in Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England, on 11 May 1616.

7990 Rev. William THOMPSON124, 10G Grandfather. Born abt 1576. Will dated on 10 Jul 1623 at Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, England.

He married Elizabeth _____124, 10G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
3995 i. Elizabeth (~1594-1676)
ii. William124
iii. Samuel124
iv. _____124
v. _____124
vi. _____124
vii. _____124

7991 Elizabeth _____124, 10G Grandmother.

7992 Rev. John ("Roaring John") ROGERS125,126, 10G Grandfather.  Will dated on 14 Oct 1636 at Dedham, Essex, England. Died on 18 Oct 1636. Will proved on 20 Feb 1636/7. Of Dedham, Essex, England.

Details to be entered from Waters, including an abstract of his will.

Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 09:59:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Richard Smyth <>
Subject: Re: [ROGERS-L] Ancestry of Rev. Nathaniel R (1598-1655), MA immigrant

According to a series of articles in the NEHGR, there is, as you say, no
evidence that Rev. Nathaniel Rogers was descended from the proto-martyr,
John Rogers. The father of "Roaring John" Rogers of Dedham, England, was
John (-2) Rogers, a wealthy shoemaker of Moulsham, parish of Chelmsford,
Co. Essex. As far as I know, the family of the mother, Mary, is not known.
John (-2)'s second wife (Mary died in 1579) was Joan Garlinge (who, in
turn, married (2) John Hammond, a surgeon of Moulsham. Roaring John's
second wife, Elizabeth Gold (widow of John Hawes), was the father of Rev.
Nathaniel Rogers.

I have looked a bit at the ancestry of Nathaniel's wife, Margaret Crane,
but not at the ancestry of John(-2) Rogers of Moulsham. He was said to be
"from the North" and the NEHGR articles contain speculation that the
families of John of Dedham and John the proto-martyr might have common

He married _____ _____125, 10G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
i. John125
ii. Samuel125
iii. Daniel125
iv. Abigail125
v. Bridget125
vi. Martha125
3996 vii. Nathaniel (~1598-1655)

7993 _____ _____125, 10G Grandmother.

7994 Robert CRANE125,126, 10G Grandfather.  Will proved on 18 Mar 1658/9. Of Great Coggeshall, Essex, England. Occupation: grocer.

Details to be entered from Waters, including abstract of his will.

He married Mary SPARHAWK125,126, 10G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
3997 i. Margaret (1600-1676)
ii. Robert117

7995 Mary SPARHAWK125,126, 10G Grandmother.  Died aft 1658. Of Dedham, Essex, England.

7996 Thomas WADE117, 10G Grandfather. Of Northampton, England.

See under his son, Jonathan Wade, for details.

3998 i. Jonathan (~1612-1683)

8064 John WRIGHT4, 10G Grandfather.

Internet sources identify this John Wright as the son of Richard Wright and Dorothy Russell.

He married Jane BLECHENDEN4, 10G Grandmother.

They had one child:
4032 i. John (1601-1688)

8065 Jane BLECHENDEN4, 10G Grandmother.

8068 Abraham WARREN4, 10G Grandfather. Born abt 1575. Died in Ipswich, Massachusetts, on 22 Apr 1654. Immigrated ? .

4034 i. Arthur (-1658)

8076 Joseph HILDRETH. (Same as ahnentafel number 3320.)

8078 Maj. Thomas HINCHMAN. (Same as ahnentafel number 7190.)

8080 John ADAMS89, 10G Grandfather.  Born abt 1555 in Barton St. David, Somersetshire, England. Will dated on 19 Mar 1603/4 at Barton St. David, Somersetshire, England. Buried on 22 Mar 1603/4 in Barton St. David, Somersetshire, England.

Details from Bartlett to be entered.

Bartlett identifies the wife of John Adams as Agnes, and probably Agnes Stone, daughter of John Stone (details to be entered).

According to Bartlett, John Adams "was born about 1555, doubtless in Barton St. David, and, as far as known, lived there all his life, followinf the occupation of husbandman and succeeding his father in occupancy of the copyhold land. The earliest record found of him is the one just stated when at the age of forty he became administrator of his father's estate. On 27 May 1597 he became bondsman for Agnes, widow of John Stone of Barton David, executrix of the will of her late husband, and it is not improbable that this record may indicate a relationship usual in such circumstances. The wife of John Adams was named Agnes and she may have been a daughter of John Stone and he bacame surety for his mother-in-law, a common occurrence.

"The deplorable loss of the parish registers of baptisms, marriages and burials in Barton St. David prior to 1714, deprives us of the most important source of information on yeoman families. Parish registers were first ordered to be kept in 1538 and a more stringent law on the matter was enacted in 1558. Furthermore, in 1560 it was ordered that each year copies of the entries for the year should be sent from every parish to the registry of the archdeacon or bishop; and these so-called transcripts still exist in most of the dioceses for por-[p. 41]tions of the period from 1560 to 1640. At Wells the precentage of years preserved is small, but there have been found transcripts from Barton St. David for the years 1598, 1603, 1606, 1607, 1608, 1611, 1612, 1615, 1617, 1622, 1623, 1629, 1634 and 1638. In these transcripts only a few Adams entries appear.

"While on his death-bed and onl three days before his burial, which took place on 22 March 1603/4, John Adams had his will drawn up, apparently completely; but it was neighter signed nor witnessed; possibly he expired suddenly before these acts could be performed. Furthermore, the will was not brought before the ecclesiastical probate court until over five years after his decease, and it was never registered. The original document is preserved in the Probate Registry at Wells, being no. 2 in the bundle for 1609, and a complete verbatim copy of the document is herewith appended: [a transcript of the will appears here]


He married Agnes STONE?89, 10G Grandmother, abt 1576.

They had the following children:
i. John89 (~1577-~1609)
ii. _____89 (~1579-)
iii. _____89 (~1581-)
4040 iv. Henry (~1583-)

8081 Agnes STONE?89, 10G Grandmother.  Buried on 15 Jan 1615/6 in Barton St. David, Somersetshire, England.

8082 Henry SQUIRE89, 10G Grandfather.  Born abt 1563 in Charleton Mackrell, Somerset, England. Died in probably Kingweston, Somerset, England.

According to Bartlett,89 Henry Squire "was born in Charlton Mackrell about 1563, according to his own deposition in 1580, when he is termed a husbandman or Moorlinch, aged about sixteen years. Probably he was an apprentice to some yeoman in Moorlinch, a parish about seven miles from his birthplace. He returned to Charlton Mackrell where he [p. 55] had children baptized from 1587 to 1599, and probably continued there until about 1613 when he moved into the adjacent parish of Kingweston. He was termed 'Henry Squire later of Kinweston neere Somerton in Somersetshire,' 25 Dec. 1649.* [original footnote: * 'Aspinwall's Notarial Records,' Boston, p. 267."] He therefore probably died in Kingweston, but the exact date has not been learned as the early parish registers are lost and neither will nor administration on his estate can be found.

"He married about 1586, but the name of his wife has not been learned."

Henry Squire and his wife are ancestors to U.S. Presidents Fillmore and Taft78 (in addition to the other notable descendants reported under his daughter Edith Squire and her husband Henry Adams).

He married _____ _____89, 10G Grandmother, abt 1586.

They had the following children:
4041 i. Edith (bp. 1587-1673)
ii. Sarah89 (bp. 1589-)
iii. Ann89 (bp. 1591-1662)
iv. Margaret89 (bp. 1596-)
v. Frances89 (bp. 1599-)

8083 _____ _____89, 10G Grandmother. Born in 1565 in Charlton Mackrel, England.

8096 James HEALD52, 10G Grandfather. Born abt 1565.

According to Threlfall's GMC26,52 "JAMES HEALD of Mobberley, Cheshire, was probably born about 1565. He married in February 1590/91, Joan Strettell of Mobberley. Joan was buried in March 1592/3 about three months after the birth of their daughter, no doubt from complications of childbirth.

"Five years after the loss of his first wife, James Heald remarried, in February 1597/8, to Elizabeth Hill of Bowdon, which is the next parish on the north.

"James Heald 'of the Milne, householder', was buried in February 1626/7. The widow Heald who was buried 4 December 1640 at Mobberley may have been James's widow, Elizabeth, but probably not.

"Of his eight recorded children, only two outlived him, and one of those, Anne, died three months after her father. Only John, the youngest, survived to marry and have a family."

He married Elizabeth HILL52, 10G Grandmother, in Feb 1597/8.

They had the following children:
i. Margaret52 (bp. 1599-)
ii. William52 (Died as Child) (bp. 1602-)
iii. Ellen52 (Died as Infant) (bp. 1602-)
iv. _____52 (Died as Infant)
v. Anne52 (bp. 1606-)
vi. Thomas52 (Died as Child) (bp. 1608-)
vii. William52 (Died as Infant) (bp. 1610-)
4048 viii. John (1611-1662)

8097 Elizabeth HILL52, 10G Grandmother.

8128 Esdras READ69, 10G Grandfather.  Born abt 1595 in England. Died on 27 Jul 1680. Buried in Boston, Massachusetts (Copp's Hill Burying Ground). Immigrated by 1638.

Details from Threlfall to be entered (children's details also).

He married Sarah DICKINSON69, 10G Grandmother, on 22 Feb 1630/1 in London, England (St. Katherine by the Tower).

They had the following children:
i. Jonathan69
ii. Jonathan69
iii. Bethia69
4064 iv. Obadiah (bp. 1640-1722)

8129 Sarah DICKINSON69, 10G Grandmother. Buried in Boston, Massachusetts (Copp's Hill Burying Ground). Immigrated ? .

8130 Thomas SWIFT31, 10G Grandfather. Born abt 1600 in England. Died in May 1675. Immigrated ? . Of Dorchester, Massachusetts.  on 6 May 1635 Massachusetts Colony.

Savage31 notes that not all sources agree on the birthdates of Thomas Swift's children, and that Thomas' gravestone gives his date of death as 30 May 1675, but other sources give 4 May 1675.

He married Elizabeth CAPEN68, 10G Grandmother, on 18 Oct 1630 in Dorchester, Dorsetshire, England (Holy Trinity).68

They had the following children:
i. Joan31
ii. Thomas31 (1635-)
iii. Obadiah31 (1638-)
iv. Elizabeth31 (1641-)
v. Ruth31 (1643-)
vi. Mary31 (1645-)
4065 vii. Ann (1647-1680)
viii. Susanna31 (1652-)

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