New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

15th Generation (Continued)

31482 Jacob FRENCH69, 12G Grandfather. Buried on 11 Nov 1615 in Assington, Suffolk, England.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, "JACOB FRENCH first appears on record in the parish of Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk, on 27 September 1578 when he and Susan Warren were married. There being no other records of the French family in Bures Saint Mary prior to his marriage, or for the rest of the sixteenth century, it seems certain that he came from some neighboring village.

"About 1585 or 1586, Jacob and Susan French either moved from Bures Saint Mary to Assington, or changed their church affiliations, for subsequent records of the family are found in Assington, either in the parish register which starts in 1598, or in the Bishop's transcripts which cover a few years between 1564 and the advent of the parish register.

"Jacob French was buried 11 November 1615 at Assington. Susan's burial is not recorded, unless the burial of Susan French the 'daughter' of Jacob French, on 1 August 1613, is an error and was in fact his wife. The record is clear, but such errors are not unknown.

"Susan Warren was either the daughter or granddaughter of William and Katherine Warren of Bures Saint Mary. She might have been a posthumous daughter of William, born in 1555, which would make her 45 years old at the birth of her last child in 1600. Most likely, Susan was a granddaughter.

"William Warren died intestate and administration was granted to Katherine on 26 September 1554. A William Warren was buried at Bures Saint Mary on 12 October 1550. Either Katherine delayed almost four years to settle the estate, or this is the burial record of a still earlier generation, or this was a grandchild. Katherine, in her will of 1567, bequeathed to and specifically named four grandchildren, yet failed to give the names of her four young children. Thus, Susan might have been one of these four young ones, or an unmentioned granddaughter. Of the following children, William and Elizabeth are deduced as such, the others were named in Katherine's will." An abstract of Katherine Warren's will follows, along with a list of the children of William and Katherine Warren, and the list of Jacob and Susan (Warren) French's children.

He married Susan WARREN69, 12G Grandmother, on 27 Sep 1578 in Bures Saint Mary, Essex, England.

They had the following children:
i. William69 (bp. 1580-)
ii. Jacob69 (bp. 1582-)
15878 iii. Thomas (bp. 1584-<1639)
15741 iv. Elizabeth (bp. 1587-1648)
v. John?69 (bp. 1596-)
vi. Susan69 (~1589-)
vii. Robert69 (bp. 1600-)
viii. _____69
ix. _____69
x. _____69
xi. _____69

31483 Susan WARREN69, 12G Grandmother.

For information on the possible parentage of Susan Warren, see the data from Threlfall's GMC5069 under her husband Jacob French. Threlfall believes she is either the daughter or granddaughter of William and Katherine Warren of Bures Staint Mary.

31496 Richard BARKER69, 12G Grandfather. Born say 1507. Will dated on 23 Jul 1561 at Nayland, Suffolk, England. Buried on 27 Jul 1561 in Nayland, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 21 Oct 1561.

According to Threlfall's GMC50,69 Richard Barker "of Nayland, Suffolk, England, was probably born about 1505-1510. From his will, we learn that he was a prosperous property owner and that he held a lease on a mill in nearby Wormingford, Essex. He had several brothers and a sister Ellen, to each of whom he left 20 shillings. Alice, wife of Richard Barker, was buried at Nayland 27 December 1560 and Richard Barker, 'householder', was buried 27 July 1561. Thomas Barker, who had a daughter Katherine baptized 18 September 1559 at Nayland and William Barker whose daughter Elizabeth was buried 15 June 1560, were probably brothers." An abstract of Richard Barker's will follows.

He married Alice _____69, 12G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
15748 i. John (~1540-)
ii. Katherine69 (~1538-1561)
iii. Margaret69 (~1540-)
iv. Richard69 (~1542-)
v. Elizabeth69 (~1542-)
vi. Thomas69 (~1547-)

31497 Alice _____69, 12G Grandmother. Buried on 27 Dec 1560 in Nayland, Suffolk, England.

31498 John MAWLE69, 12G Grandfather. Born say 1512. Will dated on 5 Sep 1579 at Nayland, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 26 Jan 1579/80.

According to Threlfall's GMC50,69 John Mawle "of Stoke Nayland, Suffolk, England, was probably born about 1510-1515 and was probably the son of John Mawle, senior, who was buried at Stoke Nayland on 5 February 1560/61, aged 72. Christine, 'wife of John Maull', who was buried 9 May following, could have been the widow of the recently deceased John, or the wife of the younger man. In any event, the wife who survived John Mawle and died in 1586 was named Margaret.

"John Mawle was a prosperous clothier with considerable property in and around Nayland and across the Stour River in Essex County. She was possibly nee Abbes as is suggested by her will, in which case she was the daughter of George Abbes of Stoke Nayland who died testate in 1554, mentioning children under the age of 18 but not naming them. George Abbes also mentioned his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Abbes, and her children who were also under 18.

"The Thomas Mawle mentioned toward the end of John's will was perhaps a brother. There had been Mawles living in Hornchurch, Essex, for several generations and so it is fairly sure that John descended from these.

"John Mawle and his wife both left wills, abstracts of which follow. John died late in 1579 and Margaret in 1586."

He married Margaret _____69, 12G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
15749 i. Margaret
ii. James69 (-1608)
iii. John69
iv. George69
v. Robert69 (->1586)

31499 Margaret _____69, 12G Grandmother. Will dated on 3 Dec 1586 at Nayland next Stoke, Suffolk, England. Died in 1586. Will proved on 11 Feb 1586/7.

31504 James BEERS, 12G Grandfather.

He married Dorothy KINGSWOOD, 12G Grandmother.

They had one child:
15752 i. John

31505 Dorothy KINGSWOOD, 12G Grandmother.

31506 Robert SELBY, 12G Grandfather.

15753 i. Mary

31528 Richard WILLARD. (Same as ahnentafel number 6408.)

31529 Elizabeth _____. (Same as ahnentafel number 6409.)

31544 Stephen IGGLEDEN. (Same as ahnentafel number 6376.)

31545 Joane _____. (Same as ahnentafel number 6377.)

31546 Robert HAFFENDEN. (Same as ahnentafel number 6378.)

31746 John GREENE122, 12G Grandfather. Of Much Birch, England.

15873 i. Amy (~1569-)

31756 Jacob FRENCH. (Same as ahnentafel number 31482.)

31757 Susan WARREN. (Same as ahnentafel number 31483.)

31758 John RIDDLESDALE69, 12G Grandfather.  was baptized on 26 Sep 1557 in Boxford, Suffolk, England. Buried on 4 Jun 1629 in Assington, Suffolk, England.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, John Riddlesdale "was baptized 26 September 1557 at Boxford, Suffolk. John and his wife Dorcas were married about 1583, probably at Assington. The Assington parish register does not start until 1598 and there are no surviving Bishop's Transcripts for 1583, hence the deduction. Also, their last child was baptized in Assington and their children married there.

"On 3 January 1613/14, John and Dorcas Riddlesdale sold a 10 acre close, two others of 5 acres and one of 2 acres to John Gryme the elder of Assington and his wife Faith for �120. All were pasture and lying in Assington. On the same day, Dorcas Riddlesdale released her interest in land leased in June 1555 by John and Robert Gurdon for 500 years to John Vigorus the younger, clothier of Langham, Essex. (Gurdon papers at Ipswich -- HD22/1/4). John Vigorus was perhaps Dorcas's grandfather.

"Dorcas was buried 24 September 1624 at Assington. John Riddlesdale was buried there 4 June 1629, but the burial record says he was of 'Bures.' He was probably living with one of his children when he died, but was buried next to his wife back in Assington. Bures Saint Mary and Assington are adjacent parishes and Boxford is adjacent to Assington on the northeast."

He married Dorcas _____69, 12G Grandmother, abt 1583.

They had the following children:
15879 i. Susan (bp. 1584-1658)
ii. Richard69 (~1586-)
iii. Thomas69
iv. Joan69 (~1590-)
v. Dorcas69 (~1590-)
vi. Edward69 (~1592-)
vii. John69 (Died as Child) (~1596-)
viii. Sarah69 (bp. 1600-)

31759 Dorcas _____69, 12G Grandmother. Buried on 24 Sep 1624 in Assington, Suffolk, England.

Dorcas (_____) Riddlesdale may have been the granddaughter of John Vigorus, clothier of Langham, Essex.69 See further details under her husband, John Riddlesdale.

31768 Richard BRACKETT69, 12G Grandfather.  Born abt 1550-4 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England. Buried on 26 May 1626 in Long Melford, England.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, "RICHARD BRACKETT (William, William) was probably born about 1550-1554 at Sudbury, Suffolk, England, where his family had lived for several generations. On 25 September, 1589, at All Saints Church, Sudbury, he married Alice Harper. This must have been a second marriage for him, for it was too late for the births of Richard, Rose, Peter and Tobias, who must have been his children, and certainly for Margerie, whose baptism is recorded. By Alice he had one or two children. Then she died and was buried on 17 May 1595 at Saint Peter's in Sudbury. He then married for a third time, on 4 February 1601/2 at Long Melford, the widow Greengrasse. Long Melford is the next town to the north of Sudbury.

"He and his son, Richard, junior, were on a jury in Long Melford in 1609 and again on 8 June 1612. On 16 June 1617, Richard Brackett surrendered a tenement, which he had taken on 20 June 1614, so that it might be regranted to himself and his wife, Elizabeth. This amounted to a renewel of a farm lease. It would imply that Elizabeth was the former widow Greengrasse. Richard Bracket, senior, was buried on 26 May 1626 at Long Melford." An account of Richard's eight children follows. Threlfall's sources are given as "Parish Registers; Bishop's Transcripts; Probate Records at Bury Saint Edmunds."69

He married _____ _____69, 12G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
i. Richard (~1582-)
ii. Rose?69
iii. Tobias?69 (~1587-)
15884 iv. Peter (~1582-)
v. Margerie69 (bp. 1583-)

31769 _____ _____69, 12G Grandmother. Died bef 25 Sep 1589.

Threlfall69 was unable to determine the name of Richard Brackett's first wife.

31772 Thomas BLOWER69, 12G Grandfather. Will dated on 28 Sep 1597. Died in Sep 1597. Buried on 1 Oct 1597 in Lanvenham, England.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, Thomas Blower, "a tanner of Lavenham, Suffolk, England, came from a family that had lived nearby for many generations." Threlfall identifies a number of possible ancestors and relations of Thomas, but the exact connections among them are not established. Threlfall continues: "Thomas Blower married first, on 10 August 1574 at Long Melford, Suffolk, Alice Sparpointe. She died in 1581, and he married secondly, on 27 February 1581/2 at Bildeston, Susan Vincent, daughter of Andrew and Alice Vincent of Bildeston. Alice was born about 1560. ["Alice" in this last sentence must refer to Alice Sparpointe, not Alice Vincent, but this would mean Alice Sparpointe married Thomas Blower when she was about 14 years old.]

"[p. 82] On 28 September 1597, sick and knowing that death was near, he made his will and died, probably the next day. He was buried at Lavenham on 1 October 1597. Except for the religious preamble, his will is given in full below. No further record of Susan can be found." A transcript of Thomas's will follows along with a facsimile of his signature.

He married Susanne VINCENT69, 12G Grandmother, on 27 Feb 1581/2 in Bildeston, Suffolk, England.

They had the following children:
i. Joshua69 (Died as Infant) (bp. 1582-)
ii. Thomas69 (Died as Infant) (bp. 1585-)
15886 iii. Thomas (bp. 1587-~1639)
iv. Caleb69 (Died as Infant) (bp. 1588-)
v. Alice69 (bp. 1590->1597)
vi. Rachel69 (Died as Child) (bp. 1591-)
vii. Mary69 (bp. 1593->1597)
viii. Rachel69 (bp. 1595-)
ix. _____69 (~1597-)

31773 Susanne VINCENT69, 12G Grandmother.  Born abt 1560.

31774 Edward FROST69, 12G Grandfather.  was baptized on 13 Mar 1560/1 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England. Buried on 3 Aug 1616 in Stanstead, Suffolk, England. Will dated on 26 Jul 1616 at Stanstead, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 4 Oct 1616.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, Edward Frost "was baptized 13 March 1560/61 at Glemsford, Suffolk, England. On 26 September 1585 [Threlfall repeats this date on p. 91, but gives it as 26 July on p. 93] at Glemsford he married Thomasine Belgrave, daughter of John and Joanna (Strutt) Belgrave. She was baptized 1 February 1561/2 at Leverington in Cambridgeshire. Edward Frost was a clothier. About 1588-9 they moved to Stanstead, the next town to the northeast, for there their children born thereafter were baptized. Edward was buried at Stanstead on 3 August 1616, his wife surviving him." An abstract of Edward's will follows.

He married Thomasine BELGRAVE69, 12G Grandmother, in 1585 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England.

They had the following children:
i. Anne69 (Died as Infant) (bp. 1586-)
ii. Elizabeth69 (bp. 1588-)
iii. William69 (bp. 1589-)
iv. Ann69 (bp. 1592-)
15887 v. Alice (bp. 1594-)
vi. Mary69 (bp. 1596-)
vii. Mary69 (~1598-)
viii. Thomasine69 (bp. 1600-1654)

31775 Thomasine BELGRAVE69, 12G Grandmother.  was baptized on 1 Feb 1561/2 in Leverington, Cambridgeshire, England.

31776 Henry ADAMS. (Same as ahnentafel number 16160.)

31777 Rose? _____. (Same as ahnentafel number 16161.)

31778 John STONE? (Same as ahnentafel number 16162.)

31780 Rev. William SQUIRE. (Same as ahnentafel number 16164.)

31888 Thomas MORSE78, 12G Grandfather.  Born in 1519 in Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England. Died in Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England, on 17 Feb 1566/7.

Thomas Morse is an ancestor of U.S. President Richard Nixon78 (in addition to the other notable descentants reported under his grandson Samuel Morse).

He married Agnes _____78, 12G Grandmother.

They had one child:
15944 i. Thomas

31889 Agnes _____78, 12G Grandmother. Died in Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk, England, on 5 Apr 1574.

31890 Thomas KING4, 12G Grandfather. Born in 1533. Died in 1602.

He married Rebecca _____4, 12G Grandmother.

They had one child:
15945 i. Margaret (1552-)

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