New England Genealogy Notes

Research notes on ancestors and relatives from early New England, including Boston Irish and Massachusetts Bay Puritan families.

18th Generation

250880 John SCHEDDE34, 15G Grandfather.  Born abt 1450 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England? Died in Chawreth (now Broxted), Essex, England, in 1523.

Details to be entered.

125440 i. John (~1480-1542)

254184 Andrew VINCENT69, 15G Grandfather. Died abt 1522. Will dated on 21 Feb 1521/2 at Bildeston, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 16 May 1522.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, Andrew Vincent "lived in Bildeston, Suffolk. All that is known of him comes from his will, an abstract of which is given below. His bequests to the churches of Whatfield and Nettlestead suggest that perhaps one of these was the parish of his origins, perhaps the other that of his wife. She survived him. Altho [sic] his will names only one son and a son-in-law specifically, the other bequests suggest grandchildren by other daughters."

i. _____69 (~1492-)
ii. _____69
127092 iii. Nicholas (~1495-~1554)
iv. _____69

254196 Richard SCOTT69, 15G Grandfather.  Born abt 1476. Died abt Apr 1560. Will dated on 30 May 1559 at Boxsted, Suffolk, England.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, Richard Scott "of Boxsted, county Suffolk, England, was probably born about 1476, presumably at Glemsford, where his father was living when he died in 1498. Since his father named him executor of his will, he was probably of age, but certainly not far from it. Richard inherited lands in Glemsford, Boxsted, Cavendish, Somerton and Hawkendon, all parishes near Glemsford. He apparently settled on the Boxsted property, for Boxsted was his residence when he made his will, in which he bequeathed his house and lands in Boxsted and Somerton. Richard died probably in April, 1560. There is no burial record for him in the Boxsted parish register, nor in Glemsford. There was another Richard Scott living in Boxsted at this time. He and his wife, Agnes, were buried there on 12 June 1561. This other Richard Scott was probably quite a bit younger and perhaps a cousin. [An abstract of Richard Scott's will appears here.]

"In his will, there are some errors or contradictions which are explained only with difficulty. He named his grandchildren Joan and Dorothy Scott. These were the youngest children, twins, of his son Richard. Of all the Scotts in the area, this was the only Dorothy on record, so there can be little doubt that these twins were the ones he was naming. [p. 110] However, Joan died at age 4 months, just a year before the date on his will. Was he unaware of the death of this grandchild? Perhaps he was old and forgetful, and no one had the heart to tell him? Also, he bequeathed to his son William, who had died four months before the date of his will. Was he unaware that his son was gone? Probably the will had been roughed out between February and May 1558, after the birth of the twins and before Joan died and while his son William was still living. Then, just before he died, it was completed and witnessed, no attempt having been made to modify it accordingly. It must be borne in mind that he was probably illiterate, and those helping in the matter knew little about his family. There were two other William Scotts living nearby; first cousins to his son William. Could there be confusion between them? This seems unlikely, for his son William in his will dated 16 January 1558/9 named his brother Richard to be executor. The two cousins had no brother Richard, hence the testator, William, was Richard's son. Also witnessing the will was brother Richard's son, Richard. Indeed, this brother Richard had a son, Richard, which further helps to identify the relationships. This son Richard, however, had to have been a minor. At that time, minors did now and then witness documents. Thus, these puzzling things seem to cast a shadow of doubt. Yet, no other relationship can be deduced."

i. Thomas69 (~1500-)
ii. Robert69 (~1502-)
iii. Joan69
iv. William69
127098 v. Richard (~1510-)
vi. John69 (->1559)

254204 Thomas STRUTT69, 15G Grandfather.  Will dated on 20 Jun 1544 at Long Melford, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 10 Dec 1548.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, Thomas Strutt "of Glemsford, Suffolk, paid a tax of �2 on �40 in the 1524 subsidy. When he made his will he was living in Long Melford which is adjacent to Glemsford. His wife was named Joan." An abstract of Thomas Strutt's will follows.

He married Joan _____69, 15G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
127102 i. John
ii. Erasmus69 (~1525-~1558)
iii. Audrey69
iv. Eustace69
v. Ursula69

254205 Joan _____69, 15G Grandmother.

260840 Andrew VINCENT. (Same as ahnentafel number 254184.)

260852 Richard SCOTT. (Same as ahnentafel number 254196.)

260860 Thomas STRUTT. (Same as ahnentafel number 254204.)

260861 Joan _____. (Same as ahnentafel number 254205.)

19th Generation

501760 John SCHEDDE34, 16G Grandfather.  Born abt 1415 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England? Will dated on 16 Mar 1466/7 at Sudbury, Suffolk, England. Died in 1467. Will proved on 24 Apr 1467.

Details to be entered.

He married Alice _____34, 16G Grandmother, abt 1440.

They had the following children:
i. William34 (~1440->1492)
ii. Lettice34 (~1446-)
250880 iii. John (~1450-1523)

501761 Alice _____34, 16G Grandmother.

508392 William SCOTT69, 16G Grandfather. Born abt 1450. Died in 1498. Will dated on 24 Apr 1498 at Glemsford, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 19 Sep 1498.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, "WILLIAM SCOTT of Glemsford, county Suffolk, is the earliest Scott ancestor of this family who can be identified. He apparently died at a rather young age, as his son Richard outlived him by sixty two years. William was probably born about 1450. His brief will names only two sons, to whom he bequeathed his lands in seven nearby parishes, i.e. in Glemsford, Boxsted, Cavendish, Somerton, Hawkedon, Wickhambrook and Denston. No wife was mentioned, but that does not prove she was dead, considering the brevity of his will. In the 1524 Subsidy (tax) list, there was a Clemence Skot, widow, who paid 2s.6d. on property worth �5. Clemence was probably his widow. His son Thomas had a daughter named Clemence, which suggests as much. His will was dated 24 April 1498, proved 29 September following, so he died around late summer of 1498." An abstract of the will follows.

He married Clemence? _____69, 16G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
254196 i. Richard (~1476-~1560)
ii. Thomas69 (~1478-~1529)

508393 Clemence? _____69, 16G Grandmother.

508408 John STRUTT69, 16G Grandfather. Born say 1450. Will dated on 12 Sep 1516 at Glemsford, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 5 Feb 1516/7.

According to Threlfall's GMC5069, "JOHN STRUTT of Glemsford, Suffolk, England, was born about the middle of the fifteenth century in the reign of Henry VI. His wife was named Elizabeth, sometimes called Isabell, since the two were synonymous then, much as Elizabeth and Betty are today.

"All that is known of John and Elizabeth comes from their wills, abstracts of which follow. He was apparently a blacksmith. In the 1542 [sic] Suffolk Subsidy (tax) Roll for Glemsford, she was taxed on �13.6.8. and paid 6s.8d." Abstracts of John and Elizabeth Strutt's wills follows. The abstract of her will is dated 22 September 1526. The date Threlfall gives above for the Suffolk Subsidy is perhaps a misprint for 1524. He gives the date her will was proved as 13 November 1626, which is certainly a misprint for 1526.

He married Elizabeth (Isabell) _____69, 16G Grandmother.

They had the following children:
254204 i. Thomas
ii. John69 (->1516)
iii. Robert69 (->1524)
iv. Elizabeth69 (->1526)
v. Alice69 (-<1516)
vi. Katherine69 (->1516)
vii. Margery69 (->1516)

508409 Elizabeth (Isabell) _____69, 16G Grandmother. Will dated on 22 Sep 1526 at Glemsford, Suffolk, England. Will proved on 13 Nov 1526.

521704 William SCOTT. (Same as ahnentafel number 508392.)

521705 Clemence? _____. (Same as ahnentafel number 508393.)

521720 John STRUTT. (Same as ahnentafel number 508408.)

521721 Elizabeth (Isabell) _____. (Same as ahnentafel number 508409.)

20th Generation

1003520 John SCHEDDE34, 17G Grandfather. Born abt 1390 in Sudbury, Suffolk, England? Died in Sudbury, Suffolk, England, abt 1437.

Details to be entered.

501760 i. John (~1415-1467)


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