Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameSamuel FITCH 8
Birth Date6 Mar 1644/5
Death Date1684
FatherDea. Zachary FITCH (bp. 1592-1662)
Misc. Notes
Samuel Fitch “was a farmer in Reading. A facsimile of his signature is found in the REGISTER, Vol. ii., page 234.”8 According to Eaton’s Reading,25 in 1666 the town of Reading ordered “‘that the “Great Swamp,” and all other Swamps that are wett and fitt to make meadow, shall be (divided) quantity and quality considered, to every man, according to each man’s proportion.’ Names of the inhabitants that drew land in the ‘Division of the Great Swamp,’ with their minister rates in the preceeding year” included Samuel Fitch. Further,26 in 1677 the town of Reading “ordered and agreed ‘that all the privileges of land, timber, and commons shall belong unto the present houses, now erected, and to no other, that shall be erected hereafter.’ There was at this time, already erected, fifty-nine houses” one of which was owned by Samuel Fitch.

Eaton also reports27 that “It appears that the towne of Reading purchased of the Indians the territory of Reading some years prior to this date [1689], for the sum of about ten pounds; but it had not been paid for. This year an assessment was laid to pay the money; and...a ‘coppie of A Rate made to be payd in money, to be payd to the Indians for the purches of the town’s land’” included Samuel Fitch, assessed at 10d. In 1692, according to Eaton28, “there was another general Division of lands, on the Easterly and Westerly sides of the town. The list of the names of the Drawers..., with their respective minister taxes, for the purpose of showing who were residents of the town at this date, and their relative pecuniary reputation,” included Samuel Fitch, assessed at 16s. 7d.

Only one of Samual Fitch’s children, his first child Samuel, survived beyond infancy, and this son was orphaned when he was about 10. “In his will [Samuel Fitch] commits his only surviving child, Samuel, to the care of Robert Avery, who married a sister of his first wife.”8
Death Date2 Oct 1679
FatherJob LANE (1620-1697)
MotherSarah BOYER (-1659)
Misc. Notes
Eaton’s Reading29 gives her name as “Sarah Low.”
Marr Date23 Apr 1673
ChildrenSamuel (1674-1742)
 Zachariah (Died as Infant) (1675-1675)
 Job (Died as Infant) (1676-1676)
 Sarah (Died as Child) (-1679)
 Sarah (Died as Infant) (1679-1680)
Marr Date26 Jul 1681
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