Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameSamuel WALKER 30
Birth Dateabt 1616
Birth PlaceEngland
Death Date6 Nov 1684
Immigr Date?
Misc. Notes
This Samuel Walker is thought to be related to Richard Walker of Lynn, who was perhaps his brother or father. The treatment of Samuel here follows Threlfall’s GMC26156, which does not specify the relationship of Samuel to Richard of Lynn. Richard of Lynn is treated thoroughly by Anderson157, who notes that there were at least three Richard Walkers in Massachusetts at the time, and that they are often confused in the earlier literature.

According to Threlfall156, “SAMUEL WALKER was born about 1615 to 1617 in England. He probably was a brother of Richard Walker who came to New England by 1630, probably with the Winthrop fleet. Samuel, at that time, would have been a mere fifteen years old, or less. Perhaps he came with Richard, perhaps he followed a few years later. Possibly they both came with parents. If so, their parents must have died shortly, for there is no record of them in New England. [Information about Richard Walker follows.]

“[p. 308] In 1642 Samuel Walker appeared in Reading, to be joined two years later by Richard Walker. Samuel was a proprietor of Reading in 1643. Sometime after 26 March 1650 Samuel and his wife were admitted to church membership there. He next moved to Woburn where he is first mentioned in its records on a tax list of 1655. On 25 February 1661/2 he was appointed Surveyor of Highways for that year. He was a Selectman in 1668. Testimony he gave in court 28 December 1658 indicated he was 43 at that time, but he deposed 2 April 1661 as about age 44. Thus, he was born about 1615 to 1617.

“In April 1662, after the following petition was submitted, he was licenced to sell liquor, becoming the first licensed tavern keeper in Woburn. [A transcript of the petition appears here.]

“[p. 309] Henry Summers succeeded him as innkeeper in 1682. The inn was located at what is now 616 Main Street.

“In 1667 Samuel Walker was appointed by the town to a committee for making a ‘list of the persons and estates of the right Proprietors’, among whom it had been voted to divide a large proportion of the common lands. Ten years later certain grants of land were made to the members of the committee as a reward for their services. Samuel Walker received seven acres.

“The name of his first wife is unknown, but he married, secondly 1676-7, Ann Alger, widow of Lieutenant Arthur of Scarborough, Maine, who had died 14 October 1675 as a result of wounds received a few days earlier in battle with Indians at Dunstan. She was the daughter of Godfrey and Alice (Frost) Sheldon. She and her first husband brought up three sons of Giles Roberts her brother-in-law. Apparently Samuel Walker finished that duty for two of them settled in Woburn.

“Samuel Walker died 6 November 1684, ‘aged about 70’. His sons Samuel of Woburn and Joseph of Billerica were appointed executors of his estate.

“After his death, Ann became the school dame.

“[p. 310] ‘The Widow Walker is appointed to be a school dame for the year 1686, and to have ten shillings for her labor as the other had.’

“Ann died 21 March 1715/16 at Woburn.” A list of Samuel’s children by his two wives follows.
Immigr Date?
ChildrenSamuel (1643-1704)
 Joseph (1645-1729)
 Hannah (Died as Infant) (1647-1648)
 Israel (Twin) (1648-1719)
 Hannah (Twin) (1648-1686)
 John (1650-1724)
 Benjamin (Died as Infant) (1651-)
 Benjamin (Died as Infant) (1653-1653)
Death Date21 Mar 1715/6
Death PlaceWoburn, Massachusetts
Marr Dateabt 1676
ChildrenIsaac (1677-)
 Ezekiel (1679-1723)
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