Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameWilliam HARTWELL 89
Birth Date1613
Birth PlaceEngland
Death Date12 Mar 1690
Burial PlaceConcord, Massachusetts (Old Hill Burying Gound)
Immigr Dateby 1636
FlagsGravestone documented, Immigrant
Misc. Notes
According to the Hartwell Genealogy89, “Among those who soon followed the pioneers of Concord was WILLIAM HARTWELL who, like many early comers, was attracted by the shelter of the bold sand ridge on the north and the great meadow on the south, stretching eastward, but could find no place for the sole of his foot until he had gone about a mile eastward along the Bay road, then a simple Indian trail, and found vacant land just east of the property once owned by Ephriam [sic] W. Bull, the originator of the Concord grape.

“The name of William Hartwell, the immigrant, does not appear in any list of passengers to America so far found. He was born in 1613, and Savage says in Kent, England, basing his opinion on the fact that Capt. Simon Willard and several of his party, of whom it is by no means certain that William was one, were citizens of Kent at the time of their departure from England.

“He probably reached Concord in 1636, and was allotted a tract of nine acres of land, probably the fifth allotment from Meriam’s corner, nearly a mile east of the Public Square. It is not known whether or not he remained on his original allotment until his death. The Lincoln branch of the family believed that he spent his last years in what is now Lincoln, on the Hartwell farm, and the clause of his will giving his present dwelling to his younger son, Samuel, and the statement that this son lived nearest him, lends color to the opinion.

“Savage credits him with two wives, Susan and Jazan. The name Jazan is unique, and it is possible that, in the faded and cramped writing of the time, the name of Susan appears under this guise. At any rate, there is no record of Susan other than the above. The family name of Jazan is not known, but there is an interesting speculation in the Snow-Estes Ancestry, by Nora E. Snow. William Hartwell, in his will, called Francis, son of Frances Fletcher, ‘cousin’, which often meant nephew. So it is thought that William may have married Robert Fletcher’s sister; Robert Fletcher may have married a sister of William’s; or the wives of the two men may have been sisters. According to Cutter’s ‘Northern New York’, Jazan was born in 1608, she died Aug. 5, 1695.

“William was made a freeman of the colony on May 18, 1642, an honor conferred only by the General Court on those who by the correctness of their lives, industry and good management, had secured an adequate competency. On Oct. 5, 1853 [sic: obviously an error for 1653], a petition went to the General Court for the incorporation of Chelmsford, and William was one of the signers. On Oct. 18, 1659, with four other men, he petitioned the General Court for assistance in maintaining bridges across the Concord river. With Timothy Wheeler he was road overseer in the west quarter in 1663-64. An address to the throne by citizens of Concord, expressing their loyalty, dates 3-8-64, bears his signature. In 1666 he was a larger land holder, with 157 acres of land ‘be they more or less’ in twenty separately described tracts. In 1672 he was one of a committee of nine citizens appointed to frame rules for the guidance of the selectmen of the town. He was appointed corporal of the 2d troop of horse for Middlesex County in 1671, and in 1673 was appointed quartermaster vice Henry Woodis. [RJO’s note: is this really likely at his age?]

“William died Mar. 12, 1690, ‘in the 77th year of his age’, having made a will (see appendix A) a short time previously in which he mentions his daughters, Sarah and Mary, and his sons John and Samuel. His children were all born in Concord. The youngest of whom anything is known, Martha, appears to have died before him. Savage names other children: William, probably born in 1638; Jonathan and Nathaniel by the second wife, Jessie (?) (these are also mentioned by Shattuck in his history of Concord, published in 1855 [is that the correct date?]). If there were such children, they must have died young. The graves of William and Jazan are not marked, but they were probably buried in the Hill Cemetery in Concord village.”

A modern memorial stone for William and Jazan Hartwell was placed in the Old Hill Burying Ground in Concord by the Hartwells of America Association in 1993. It reads: “WILLIAM HARTWELL / Died March 12th, 1690 / in the 77th year of his age / his wife / JAZAN HARTWELL / Died Aug. 5th, 1675 / in the 87th year of her age.” The back of the stone reads: “This stone was placed here by the / Hartwells of America Association / in honor of William Hartwell / who came from England, / settled in Concord, Mass. in / 1636, and left numerous / descendants throughout the / United States and Canada / Erected 1993”

Ancestral File pages identify the parents of this William Hartwell as Francis Hartwell and Mary who married 19 Nov 1616 at Cranfield, Bedfordshire. The ancestry before Francis and Mary on the Ancestral File pages is the same as given here.
Death Date5 Aug 1695217
Burial PlaceConcord, Massachusetts (Old Hill Burying Gound)
Immigr Date?
Misc. Notes
Susan and Jazan may be the same person, or they may be two different wives of William Hartwell.

See under her husband for a note on the modern memorial stone marking her presumed burial place in the Old Hill Burying Ground in Concord.
ChildrenSarah (-1674)
 John (1640-1703)
 Mary (1643-1696)
 Samuel (1645-1725)
 Martha (1648-)
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