Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameSarah Ruth NUTT 31,316
Bapt Date19 Sep 1624
Bapt PlaceBarking, Suffolk, England
Death Date24 May 1688
Death PlaceWoburn, Massachusetts
Immigr Dateby 1636
FatherMiles NUTT (bp. 1598-1671)
MotherSarah BRANSON (-<1659)
Bapt Date3 Feb 1621/2
Bapt PlaceWestmill, Hertfordshire, England
Death Date9 May 1684
Death PlaceWoburn, Massachusetts
Immigr Date?
FatherFrancis WYMAN (ca1595-)
MotherElizabeth RICHARDSON (bp. 1593-)
Misc. Notes
According to The Wyman Journal, Issue I, Winter 1998, on “Most Wymans trace their ancestry back to Francis Wyman (spelled Wymant) and Elizabeth Richardson, who were married at St. Mary the Virgin Church in Westmill, Hertfordshire, England May 1, 1617. Their sons Francis (b. 1618) and John (b. 1621[sic]) were sent overseas, as teenagers, accompanied by their Richardson relatives. When the town orders of Woburn were signed in 1640, the Richardsons and the two Wyman brothers signed them. By that date Francis was 21 and John 18 years of age. They built their homes in the center of the town of Woburn. From 1640 to 1655 Francis and John worked primarily in their tanning business. Tanning is a process by which animal pelts are transformed into leather. They probably learned their trade in England since Buntingford, two miles north of Westmill, had been a tanning center. Their business was the origin of the tanning industry for which Woburn would become renowned. It would also make them wealthy and influential.

“Their wealth allowed them to acquire much land. In 1655 for L 100 they purchased the 500-acre grant of the Rev. Henry Dunster located in Billerica which adjoined their land in Woburn. Dunster, having adopted Baptist beliefs had been removed as president of Harvard College and, in need of funds, sold his grant at this time. Later, in addition to their home in town, the two brothers John and Francis had farms near to each other. John’s house is no longer standing. Francis’ house still exists.

“In 1665 the Wymans purchased the Coytemore grant of 500 acres for 150 sterling. There was a dispute with the town of Woburn and the General Court at the time. It was decided that the land was to be laid out next to the Billerica-Woburn line, ‘near their (the Wymans’) houses.’ This is the evidence that dates the age of the present Wyman homestead.”

NOTE: Threlfall’s GMC50158 gives different dates for many of the events recorded here from the Wyman website.
Marr Date5 Nov 1644
ChildrenSamuel (1646-1646)
 Jacob (1665-1742)
 John (1648-1675)
 Sarah (1650-1729)
 Solomon (1652-1725)
 David (1654-1678)
 Elizabeth (1656-1658)
 Bathsheba (1658-1730)
 Jonathan (1661-1736)
 Seth (1663-1715)
Birth Dateabt 1618
Birth PlaceEngland
Death DateJun 1698
Marr Date25 Aug 1684
No Children
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