Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameSarah BUSBY 155
Birth Dateabt 1619
Death Date25 Jul 1697
Immigr Date?
Misc. Notes
The history of John Grout and his relatives has been exceptionally confused in the literature. According to Anderson, “Savage had these marriages completely wrong, as did many other writers.”360

According to Savage,361 John Grout settled first at Watertown and then removed to Sudbury by 1643, where he served as selectman, town clerk, and captain. Bond reports that in Watertown in 1642 he “was proprietor of a homestall of 13 acres and 7 other lots.”362 Bond also lists several items of property in John Grout’s considerable estate, totalling £618 according to the inventory taken 10 August 1697 after his death.363

According to Savage, John Grout had two sons named John, the first born 8 August 1641 to his wife Mary _____, and the second born at an unknown date to his second wife Sarah (Busby) Cakebread.361 I infer from this that the first son John died young, and that the son John who married Rebecca Toll was the second John, son of John Grout, Sr., and Sarah (Busby) Cakebread. This does not match with the birthdates given in Torrey which reads: “GROUT, John2 (1641-1707) & Rebecca TOLL (1643- ); 15 Apr 1667; Sudbury.”364 Savage identifies the John who married Rebecca Toll as “John, Sudbury, eldest s. of” John, Sr.,361 and this may have led some authors, perhaps including Torrey, to identify Rebecca Toll’s husband as the John who was born 8 August 1641. If that John died young, however, the second John could still have been described correctly as the eldest son.

There is further confusion regarding the name of the daughter of John Grout and Mary ____ that was born in 1643. Bond362 reports that this child was “Sarah, b. 1643” but Savage361 identifies her as “Mary, 11 Dec. 1643.”

Much of this information may be incorrect, especially the information concerning John’s children. More work is needed for clarification.
ChildrenJohn (-1697)
 Sarah (-1702)
 Joseph (1649-)
 Abigail (1655-)
 Jonathan (1658-)
 Mary (1661-)
 Susanna (1664-)
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