Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameAndrew FOSTER 516
Death Date7 May 1685
Death PlaceAndover, Massachusetts
Freeman Date1669
Misc. Notes
Savage apparently misprints Andrew Foster’s deathdate as “7 May 1665” rather than 1685 (see Torrey,517 for example). He notes that Andrew died “at gr. age, but not, we may be sure, by near a score of yrs. so old as 106 yrs. in the rec. and Hist. of that town, p. 32, report.”518
Death Date3 Dec 1692
Death PlaceSalem, Massachusetts
Misc. Notes
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 1999 22:23:22
From: Robert Young<>
Subject: Re: The identity of Ann, wife of Andrew Foster?

Doug (and all),

I've been actively researching the family of Samuel Kemp for many years.
Trust me when I say that Ann's surname has not yet been ascertained. Being
a direct descendent, as well as having grown up in Salem, Mass, I've
looked at many possibilities, long and hard.

Second - Samuel Kemp was NOT born in Billerica, nor was he known to be the
son of Robert Kemp. Both erroneous facts come from the old "Kemp's of New
England", by Weise. The idea that Samuel was the son of Robert is not new
-- it is based on the fact that Samuel was referred to as "kinsman" in the
will of Edward Kemp of Chelmsford (in 1668). Edward was known to have
been in Dedham, Mass, in 1637/8. At that time, there was an entry in the
church records of Dedham, admitting "Robert Kemp" to the church. Recent
research by Robert Charles Anderson, of the New England Historic and
Genealogical Society, has shown that this church record entry was actually
for Edward Kemp, and that Robert Kemp never existed. (See "Focus on
Dedham", Great Migration Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan 1993.)

It is indeed unfortunate that Elinor Skeate has included this information
in her recent book. Elinor is probably one of the premier researchers on
the families of early Groton. I own many of her books, and have found a
remarkable degree of accuracy when I've double checked sources.


Bob Young, Registrar Kemp Family Association
Kemp Family Association:
Kemp's of New England:

The death date and place given here for Ann _____ come from

Torrey suggests that Ann _____ may have been Andrew Foster’s second wife.
Marr Dateabt 1637519
 Sarah (1642-)
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