Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameEdward GOFFE 670
Will Date17 Feb 1633/4
Will PlaceIpswich, Suffolk, England
Reside1 PlaceIpswich, Suffolk, England
Misc. Notes
NOTE: The inclusion of Joanna and Thomas as children of this Edward Goffe is almost certainly incorrect. As the families of Edward Sr. and Edward Jr. have become clearer it appears that they are unrelated to Joanna and Thomas (and whether Joanna and Thomas are themselves related is a question requiring confirmation; their connection has been repeated on many websites with fragmentary documentation).

Joanna Goffe may possibly be part of a Goffe/Longley/Crispe group, all of which may have been prominent in Lincolnshire before their migration, and all of which may have settled at or been involved in the settlement of Lynn. See Anderson’s Great Migration Newsletter188 for a review of the settlement of Lynn.

According to Skeate’s Tarbell genealogy671, “Joanna Goffe Longley was a sister of Thomas Goffe, a merchant and ship owner of London and a member of the group which ‘floated’ the Pilgrims in the Mayflower on the 1620 voyage and on her later trips in 1629 and 1630. Thomas 1 Goffe was also the first Deputy-Governor of the Massachusetts company. He died on a voyage to New England, leaving only a daughter who died soon after. He lost heavily on his investments with the Pilgrims. The government of MA. granted land of 1000 acres as a settlement for the services of Thomas Goffe and Robert Rand, whose father married a daughter of William 1 and Joanna Goffe. The reason for this settlement was yet another lawsuit, this time by the heirs of Joanna Goffe Longley. Thomas Goffe, left only a daughter, Sarah, who died shortly after her father and with no family. It was then the estate of Thomas 1, which had gone to Sarah 2, was to be given to her next of kin, her aunt, Joanna Goffe Longley Crispe. In 1739 one of the heirs of this family brought suit for a 1/26 share of the estate (by then there were 26 of the Longley family claiming heirship). It was finally settled when the 4th generation got the settlement in later years.”

Skeate gives as her source for this information “Heirs of Thomas Goffe (Gen. Glean. of England).” Whether this source is reliable is not known. There is apparently a Goff genealogy by the notorious genealogical charlatan Gustav Anjou that traces the name back into Wales in the 1300s. This family deserves study by a professional genealogist.
ChildrenEdward (~1593-1658)
 Tobias (->1634)
 Elizabeth (->1634)
 Alice (->1634)
 Joanna (~1619-1698)
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