Family Card - Person Sheet
Family Card - Person Sheet

NameElizabeth PATCH
Bapt Date16 Apr 1594
Bapt PlaceSouth Petherton, Somerset, England
Death Date9 Nov 1676
Death PlaceBeverly, Massachusetts
Immigr Date?
FatherNicholas PATCH (~1550-1637)
Misc. Notes
Birth Date1589
Birth PlaceSouth Petherton, Somerset, England
Death Date29 Jan 1677742
Death PlaceBeverly, Massachusetts
Immigr Dateby 1636
Misc. Notes

The following details from:

“William is thought to be the brother of John Woodbury, the Salem "Planter." While this may be, the author hasn't seen evidence to support it other than that they apparently lived near each other in England and that they both settled in Salem, MA. Evidence strongly indicates that William was the man of that name who married Elizabeth Patch at South Petherton, Somerset, Eng., in 1617.(1) Three of their children were baptized there and very likely two more in Misterton, Somerset.(2) The names of these children and a wife named Elizabeth correspond to what is known of the family of William in New England. There was a Nicholas Patch baptized in South Petherton (2.5) who appears to be the man of that name who settled in Salem near the Woodburys and often appears with them in court records. He was likely Elizabeth's brother, and it may have been him or perhaps a father of the same name for whom William and Elizabeth's first child, Nicholas, was named. It is also significant that their daughter Hannah married James Patch, a son of Nicholas. Other children may eventually be found in English church records to further confirm that this is the family that settled in Salem.

“William is said, without apparent evidence, to have sailed with John Woodbury to Salem in 1628. He may have come over with John's wife and son John, Jr., who arrived no later than early 1636.(3) He had a 40 acre grant in Salem by 1636.(4) An account of the division of marsh and meadow land says that he had ten in his family in late 1637. This corresponds to the English births found thus far with the addition of Hugh, two more probably born in the mid 1620s where there is a conspicuous gap and another born between 1632 and 1636. These unknown children probably died by 1663, when William did not name them in his will. It is also possible that the additional people in the household were not William and Elizabeth's children or children at all. For having a family numbering over six, he was given one acre of marsh and meadow.(5) On 17 October 1638 he was granted 20 acres at Mackerel Cove, which is now a part of Beverly, MA.(6) This may have been the land granted to him on 2 March 1637 "In consideration of laying out a 2 acre lot in town [probably a village lot] [he] is to have a parcel of marsh lying before his 10 acre lot & so much upland ground at the other end as to make him level with other men."(7)

“William was admitted to the church at Salem on 29 December 1639.(8) His wife was likely the Elizabeth who joined on 6 September 1640. (9) On 30 March 1640 William and another man "shall keepe the milch cattell & heifers that are like to calve this sumer & such bulls as are necessarie for the heard: excluding all other dry cattell" between 6 April and 15 November 1640. "They are to drive out the Cattell when the Sun is halfe an hower high & to bring them in when the sun is halfe an hour high. The Cattle are to be brought out in the morning into the pen neere to Mr. Downing's pale [stockade fence]." Those that did not bring their cattle in on time to join the herd were to pay for any damages that may have occurred if they were unattended. Three men had bulls to offer for this breeding effort and were paid 20 shillings each for it.(10) William was a plaintiff in an undescribed case against William "Jygls" in the same year.(11) He was chosen for grand jury duty at the court in Salem in 1643, 1644, 1647, and for the "jury of trials" (inferior court) in 1649.(12) William had settled near the other Woodburys at Mackerel Cove by this time, being chosen to receive goods there on behalf of the town.(13) Woodbury Point is named for them and as prosperous fishermen, they had slips and warehouses on the water in this vicinity. It was also his location that probably caused the town to choose him (with Richard Brackenbury) to lay out a road between Salem ferry and the head of Jeffrey's Creek (now the town of Manchester east of Beverly) wide enough to accomodate horseback riding and cattle driving.(14) The men were paid 12 shillings each for the effort out of the town taxes.(15) William was paid 7 shillings, 6 pence by the estate of Margaret Pease about 1644 for keeping a heifer and for some part of "wintering" her.(16) On 6 July 1647 William "& Co." and his probable brother-in-law Nicholas Patch, "Sr.," inhabitants of Mackerel Cove, presented a petition to the court to be exempted from watch duty.(17) He was appointed one of the executors of the will of John Balch on 15 May 1648.(18)

“William was among the petitioners for a new parish to be created at Beverly in 1667.(19) This was one attempt to this end among several. William and other townsmen had signed a similar petition in 1659.(20) William's will was written 5 June 1663 and proved 26 June 1677”. [See site for more]
Marr Date29 Jan 1616/7
Marr PlaceSouth Petherton, Somerset, England
ChildrenNicholas (bp. 1618-1686)
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