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<1:6>From SOSLEWIS@ACS.EKU.EDU  Sun Sep  5 10:20:02 1993

Date: Sun, 05 Sep 1993 11:22:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Introduction
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

Saludos a todos:
  My name is Raymond (Ray) Lewis and I am a semi retired Assoc. Prof. from
Eastern Kentucky University. My background is diverse beginning with a BS in
ed. with a major is history and music with a Spanish minor. Later after a
Fulbright grant to study the civilization and culture of India I moved to
Kentucky and began on the PhD program. The first attempt was in the field of
Political Science with major fields in South Asia, Soviet Studies and
Modern Europe with an Anthropology minor. Later I became interested in South
America and get into the history program at the Univesity of Kentucky. The
major was 19th century Latin American Social History with other fields of
Early Medieval history, Renaissance and Reformation, and Latin American
  For almost ten years I have taught courses for our Dept. of Sociology,
Anthropology and Social Work. Those courses have included Cultural
Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Ethnography, Peasant and Folk cultures,
and Latin American Culture.  If my life could be relived Cultural Anthro.
would be my goal with a minor in Ethnomusicology.
  The two years teaching Physical Anthropology, etc plus an interest in
Prehistory and Archaeology prompted me to respond the instant Darwin crossed
my e-mail. I frankly expect to learn far more than I can give from this BB
but expect it to be interesting. I plan to spend a good deal of time this
winter in Venezuela and if any of you need anything from there please let me
 Cail luego!
 Ray Lewis

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