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<1:8>From af763@freenet.carleton.ca  Sun Sep  5 11:07:53 1993

Date: Sun, 5 Sep 93 12:10:12 EDT
From: af763@freenet.carleton.ca (John V Matthews Jr.)
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Alberto's question


Yours was probbly the kind of question that need a personal reply, rather
than one brodcast to the whole group, but I'll do so in public here
because I have one suggestion for the operation of the group and that is
that we drop the epithets "Dr" and "Professor".  I've always felt
uncomfortable being called doctor--half expecting someone to call on me to
do some risky medical procedure on an airplane.  So please.  "John" is
fine for me.

As to your question, I know little about Paleozoic corals and a little
about the Paleozoic of the Arctic Islands.  I will try to dig up a few
references and pass them to you on your e-net address.  I
would send them to you, but unfortunately we can no longer obtain free
copies of our own institute's publications.


           JOHN MATTHEWS
    matthews@cc2smtp.emr.ca; af763@freenet.carleton.ca

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