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Subject: September 7 -- Today in the Historical Sciences
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1707: GEORGES-LOUIS LECLERC, later COMTE DE BUFFON, is born at Montbard,
France.  He will become one of the most important scientific figures of
18th century France, doing work in optics, chemistry, mathematics, botany,
and geology, and publishing the encyclopedic _Histoire Naturelle_ in 36
volumes beginning in 1749.  Convinced that the earth began in a molten
state, Buffon will conduct experiments on the cooling of spheres of various
sizes in an attempt to estimate its age.  In _Epoques de la Nature_ (1779)
he will propose 75,000 years as the age of the earth, but in his private
manuscripts he will revise this to a more daring 3,000,000 years.

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