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<1:64>From minaka@ss.niaes.affrc.go.jp  Wed Sep  8 00:34:30 1993

Date: Wed, 8 Sep 93 14:28:25 +0900
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
From: minaka@ss.niaes.affrc.go.jp
Subject: Intro from Japan

Greetings from Japan!

My name is Nobuhiro Minaka. I am a senior researcher of the National
Institute of Agro-Environmental Sciences (Laboratory of Statistics),
Tsukuba. I am interested in mathematical problems in systematic biology,
especially in phylogenetics and morphometrics. My doctoral dissertation
(University of Tokyo, 1985) is an order-theoretical formalization of
cladistic theory.

My main interest is algebraic properties of the _MPR-space_ (the set of
Most Parsimonious Reconstructions) estimated on a given cladogram.
Reconstructing hypothetical character states is an important problem in
phylogenetic analysis and in character analysis. Enumerating all MPRs
(including ACCTRAN and DELTRAN) does not lead automatically to a
satisfactory description of those MPRs. I am now writing papers on MPR and

I am also working on the Japanese translation of Dr Elliott Sober's
_Reconstructing the Past_ (MIT Pr., 1988).

Nobuhiro Minaka
Sept 8, 1993
******************** Nobuhiro Minaka *********************
* Laboratory of Statistics,                              *
* Division of Information Analysis,                      *
* National Institute of Agro-Environmental Sciences.     *
* ------------------------------------------------------ *
* ADDRESS: Kannon-dai 3-1-1, Tsukuba, Ibaraki305, Japan. *
* PHONE: 0298-38-8222;   FAX: 0298-38-8199               *
* E-mail:  minaka@niaes.affrc.go.jp [Internet]           *

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