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Date: 13 Sep 1993 16:07:59 GMT+1200
Subject: Re: Evolution in linguistics?

Joseph Raben asks about linguistics and evolution.

The following piece is about to appear.

 D Penny, E.E. Watson, & M.A. Steel, "Trees from languages and genes are
very similar",  Systematic Biology, XLII (1993):  in press.

There is interesting work of this sort going on by a range of New Zealand

Paul Griffiths


L.L Cavalli-Sforza et al, "Reconstruction of Human Evolution: Bringing
Together Genetic, Archeological and Linguistic Data" , Proceedings of the
National Academy of Sciences, LXXXV (1988): 6002-6.

Introducing myself.  I am a philosopher with interests in psychology,
evolutionary biology and their intersections, and in the life-sciences

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