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1715: THOMAS BURNET, author of _Telluris Theoria Sacra_ or _The Theory of
the Earth: Containing an Account of the Original of the Earth, and of All
the General Changes Which it Hath Already Undergone, or is to Undergo Till
the Consummation of All Things_, dies.  Burnet advocated in graceful prose
a cyclical theory of the universe, which he thought began in perfection and
had fallen, but which would be restored again at the end of all things.
"The Scheme of this World passeth away, saith an holy Author; the mode and
form, both of the Natural and Civil World, changeth continually more or
less, but most remarkably at certain Periods, when all Nature puts on
another face; as it will do at the Conflagration, and hath done already
from the time of the Deluge" (The Theory of the Earth, 2nd edition, 1691).

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