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Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1993 08:18:20 +0700
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From: idavidso@metz.une.edu.au (Iain Davidson)
Subject: Re: Heritability and cultural evolution

The history stuff seems fine, but am I getting it wrong?  The fact that
there was significant development of theory of evolution before a complete
(?) understanding of the mechanisms of heredity suggests strongly that it
is very valuable to develop theory of cultural selection (I think Rindos is
basically right here)  even if we cannot yet specify precisely how the
inheritance of cultural phenomena works.  Once we have a convincing theory
of cultural selection then we can begin looking at how the mechanisms may
be working.  But an awful lot of people are not getting that close to it,
partly because they do not understand the importance of variation and
selection in cultural matters.

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