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Hello to All Darwin Scholars!

	This conference has been pointed out to me recently by Stephan
Ozminski and Don Weinshank, two Darwin fans I would very much like to
meet some day.  About 2 years ago, with the help of Michael Ghiselin
of the California Academy of Sciences and many others, I produced a
CD-ROM about Charles Darwin and there has been some renewed interest
in this title over Internet...

 ... so please forgive what may appear as self-serving promotion of
our CD-ROM entitled "DARWIN", a multimedia CD-ROM for MACs and PCs.  I
am posting this message to better describe our title, and perhaps
correct some minor mis-representations about it.  Reproduced below is
our original product announcement.

       Multimedia CD-ROM for MACs and PCs
        Created by Pete Goldie, Ph.D.

	Announcing DARWIN, the first electronic publication of the
collected works of Charles Darwin.  Recommended for pleasure and
education, for family entertainment and scholarly research, this CD
ROM is suitable for all ages.  Includes the complete text and original
illustration of Darwin's "The Voyage of the Beagle", "Origin of
Species", and "The Descent of Man"; the seminal manuscript published
by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in 1859;  Michael T.
Ghiselin's award winning book "Triumph of the Darwinian Method"; all
in addition to the first re-publication since the 1800's of the
original specimens collected by Darwin, the five volume set "Zoology
of the Voyage of the Beagle".  With contributions by distinguished
naturalists, librarians, and scholars from throughout the nation,
DARWIN brings together natural sound recordings, original maps from
the surveying voyages of the HMS Beagle and the HMS Adventure, over
650 illustrations, and much much more; DARWIN is an invaluable source
of information.  DARWIN allows you to access text, images, and sounds
almost instantly.  A multimedia CD-ROM for use on both Mac's and PC's,
DARWIN gives you the capability to search for dates, subjects,
authors, birds, animals, plants, and more, all at the touch of a

Features included on DARWIN:

* Charles Darwin's complete texts and original illustrations of:
			"The Voyage of the Beagle", final edition.
			"The Origin of Species", 6th and final edition.
			"The Descent of Man", final edition.
* Manuscript published by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in
1859, outlining the theory of evolution.
* "Triumph of the Darwinian Method", a guide to the study of Darwin,
by Michael T. Ghiselin
	(winner of the Pfizer Award of the History of Science Society).
* The Darwin Timeline, detailing the significant events in his life.
* A Darwin bibliography of over 1000 primary and secondary references.
* Original maps from the surveying voyages of the HMS Beagle and the
HMS Adventure.
* Over 650 color and black & white images.
* Natural sound recordings from the Cornell University Laboratory of
* Illustrations of the original specimens from the "Zoology of the
Voyage of the HMS Beagle".
* Plus never-before published material from other distinguished

For more information or to place your order, write or call:

2325 Third St. - Suite 320
San Francisco, CA  94107-3138

(415) 621-5746    voice
(415) 621-5898    fax
(800) 43-CDROM    USA sales only
lb@cup.portal.com   e-mail

	Not mentioned in this announcement is our plans to add to, and improve
this initial release with much more Darwin material.  As anyone who
studies Darwin appreciates, gathering together a comprehensive database on
Darwin is a Herculean task.  The above mentioned Ozminski and Weinshank
have risen to our request for more collaborators with their valuable
electronic sources, as have many others who have seen the CD-ROM.  Our
intention is to release a second edition disc within the 1994 year,
however, this will be a function of new material and production costs.  We
welcome everyone who has content worthy of this project.

	 It may not come as a surprise to this audience, but it has been next
to impossible to get the major CD-ROM distributors to carry this disc.
The main reason this product hasn't fit into their catalogues is (verbatim
quote follows)  "...its too educational...we sell edutainment CD-ROMs, not
educational CD-ROMs".  I, of course, would prefer to have the buying
public decide what they want, not some computer purchasing agent...but I

	So for those curious about the DARWIN CD-ROM, here's how to get it, or
try you local university library (our largest market so far).  Please
forgive the interface for being ancient by computer standards.  Do not
hesitate to comment on it and suggest how to make it better.  Looking
forward to your mail!


   Pete Goldie

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