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<2:27>From Boalch@ba1.curtin.edu.au  Wed Oct  6 04:20:29 1993

Date: Wed,  6 Oct 93 17:22:55 WST
From: Gregg=Boalch%IS=Staff%CURTIN@ba1.curtin.edu.au
Subject: Research
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

I am doing research into the use of expert systems as a tool for hypothesis
validation and generation in historical research, in particular in chronology
determination.  I would like to spend a term or two during either 1994 or
1995 at a University where this research is either of interest or already
underway - preferably under a fellowship (young family and all that).

Can anyone on the list please suggest any campuses (campii?) or contacts with
whom I can discuss this matter directly.

Apologies for any duplication - this is being posted to a number of lists

Thanking you all for your time...

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