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<2:29>From MORSEGAG@ucs.indiana.edu  Wed Oct  6 10:24:37 1993

Date: Wed, 6 Oct 93 10:28:16 EST
From: MORSEGAG@ucs.indiana.edu
Subject: Re: Linnaeus and literature
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

Eric Miller--
You might be interested in the work of John and Willam Bartram, American
naturalists.  John was Linnaeus's contemporary and corresponded with him,
though none of L's letters to JB survive.  _John and William Bartram's America:
Selections from the Writins of the Philadelphia Naturalists_, ed. Helen Gere
Cruikshank, ill. F. L. Jaques (a plus), publ. Devin-Adair, NYC, 1957 is a good
book if you aren't familiar with the Bartrams yet.  Not a whole lot of refer-
ence to Linnaeus, but interesting for showing the first impacts of his
work on naturalists, I should think.  Also, have you looked into Fabre's
Souvenirs Entomologiques (or the amazing translations by A. Texeira de Mattos)
for any discussion of Linnaeus?  I dont know if his impact on naturalists
is what you're looking for.
I would have sent this to you personally rather than to the list as a whole,
but had no address but the list header.
Elise Morse-Gagne

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