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<2:31>From @VM1.ULAVAL.CA:C017@MUSIC.ULAVAL.CA  Thu Oct  7 09:10:41 1993

Date: Thu, 07 Oct 93 10:14:47 EST
From: C017000 <C017@MUSIC.ULAVAL.CA>
To: <darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu>
Subject: Re: Ease of articulation

I would agree with Jim Felley in that the analogy between nuclear
DNA and organellar DNA might not be the most appropriate. I wonder
if we could not compare the use of different languages in different
circumstances to the use of different sources of energy in different
environmental conditions e.g. the use of glucose or lipids as source
for ATP. Like the different languages, which involve different words
and grammary but the same "physical tools" to express yourself,
glucose and lipids involve different enzymes (at least for some
part of their degradation) but the same cellular machinery.
Any comments ?

M.-C. Baby
Dept. of Biology
University Laval
e-mail: c017@music.ulaval.ca

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