Darwin-L Message Log 2:87 (October 1993)

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<2:87>From mayerg@cs.uwp.edu  Fri Oct 15 13:22:23 1993

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1993 13:25:08 -0500 (CDT)
From: Gregory Mayer <mayerg@cs.uwp.edu>
Subject: Re: RFD: sci.evolution.human
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

	I hesitate to send this message, since Darwin-L is not the place
to discuss the creation of sci.evolution.human (to do that, see the
original posting by Danny Yee), but the scope and purpose of Darwin-L is
_very_ different from that of the proposed sci.evolution.human newsgroup.
Darwin-L is about the history and theory of all historical sciences, and
is not at all limited to biological evolution, and especially not to the
evolution of a single species.

Gregory C. Mayer

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