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<2:103>From D.Oldroyd@unsw.edu.au  Tue Oct 19 18:01:32 1993

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1993 09:11:59 +1000
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
From: D.Oldroyd@unsw.edu.au
Subject: Nowak and May reference/Tom Walters

Dear Tom Walters,
      I was interested to see your brief note about tit for tat
strategies and a reference to something in Nature.  One of my students has,
I suspect, produced a somewhat similar result as a result of his computer
simulation of the prisoners' dilemma.  He has done this more or less for
his own amusement, rather than as a research project.  I am not an expert
on such matters.  Could you, or any other contributor to Darwin-l, kindly
provide me with the reference to the Nature article and the Nowak and May
reference?  We would find it interesting, I'm sure.
    Thank you in anticipation,
    David Oldroyd,
    University of New South Wales
David Oldroyd,
School of Science and Technology Studies,
University of New South Wales

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