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<2:122>From csmem1@abello.seci.uchile.cl  Wed Oct 27 00:27:55 1993

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1993 02:31:15 -0400
From: csmem1@abello.seci.uchile.cl
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

 Hello there

 Recently a big international event took place at the University
 of Chile in Santiago (CHILE). Eminents scientists met to discuss
 the stay of Darwin in Chile, between 1833-1835. A wide range of
 subjects were disscused with emphasis on evolution. The importance
 of Darwin's observations in Chile was analyzed.
 An exhibition is being held with importants materials provided by
 many museums in Chile, Argentina and Great Britain.
 The organizers of the event had the colaboration of professor
 Richard Darwin Keynes of the University of Cambridge.

 For further information please contact Dr. David Yudilevish

Dr. David Yudilevish
Facultad de Medicina
University of Chile

fax: (56) 2-7774890
e-mail: dyudilev@abello.cesi.uchile.cl

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