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<3:49>From hbpaksoy@history.umass.edu  Mon Nov  8 13:02:09 1993

Date: Mon, 08 Nov 1993 14:00:03 -0500
From: hbpaksoy@history.umass.edu
Subject: book announcement
To: darwin-L@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

          Book Announcement:


         H. B. Paksoy, Editor

          Table of Contents:

        H. B. Paksoy "Kuyas Ham Alav"
       Peter Golden "Codex Comanicus"
    Richard Frye "Narshaki's The History of Bukhara"
        Robert Dankoff "Adab Literature"
        Uli Schamiloglu "Umdet ul Ahbar"
        Kevin Krisciunas "Ulug Beg's Zij"
   Audrey L. Altstadt "Abbaskuluaga Bakikhanli's Nasihatlar"
    Edward Lazzerini "Gaspirali Ismail Bey's Tercuman"
     David S. Thomas "Yusuf Akcura's Uc Tarz-i Siyaset"

         ISBN: 975-428-033-9

       LC CALL NUMBER: DS329.4 .C46 1992
   SUBJECTS: Asia, Central--Historiography.
       Asia, Central--Literatures--History
     and criticism.  Asia, Central--Language

       US$20 + $8 International airmail

         The ISIS Press

     Orders: Isis Press, Semsibey Sokak 10
       81210 Beylerbeyi Istanbul

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