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Date: Mon, 15 Nov 93 11:10:16 CST
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Subject: Re: Darwin and beetles

Regarding the origin of Haldane's note, misattributed to Darwin, the
following was extracted from a correspondence published in ANTENNA,
1991, vol 16(1): 86-87. The correspondent is R.C. Fisher, University
College - London.

"John Maynard Smith told me that he thinks Haldane may have originally
used it in one of his Radio broadcasts, as he had found no record of
it in any of Haldane's collections of essays."  According to Authur
Cain, Fisher quotes the latter:  "It was Haldane, not Huxley, and he
told me the story himself.  I don't know where you'll find it in print,
if indeed it was ever printed.  Some solemn ass asked him what could
be inferred of the work of creation (putting any such question to
Haldane was just asking for trouble) and got the crushing reply `an
inordinate fondness for beetles'.


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