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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1993 21:40:44 -0500 (EST)
Subject: PSA 1994
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 For some of you, this will be a repeat message, but it is some months
since it has been on the net, and the number of papers submitted for the
1994 PSA meeting, joint with the history of science society and 4S is
not yet very great.  What follows is the call for papers.  Please note
the deadline of January 3 for submissions.  If you have inquiries about
this call, plese address them to me personally, not to the bulletin
boards at the address given below.  Thank you, and I look forward to
your submissions!             Dick Burian



  The Fourteenth Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science
  Association will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, October 14-16,
  1994.  This meeting will be held jointly with the History of Science
  Society and the Society for Social Studies of Science, thus offering
  an opportunity for papers with an interdisciplinary focus to reach a
  broad audience of scholars concerned with the workings and nature of
  science.  The program committee would like to encourage the submission
  of papers especially suited to this occasion as well as papers falling
  within the philosophy of science, more narrowly conceived.

  Contributed papers may be on any topic in the philosophy of science.
  Maximum length is 5000 words, counting footnotes and references.  If
  the text includes tables or figures, an appropriate number of words
  should be subtracted from the limit.  Two copies, each including a 100
  word abstract and a word count should be submitted in double-spaced
  typescript.  Format and citation style should match those of
  Philosophy of Science.  (See a recent issue for details.)  Papers
  will be blind refereed; therefore, the author's name and institutional
  affiliation should appear on a separate page.  Hard copy of
  submissions must reach the chair of the program committee by 3
  January, 1994.  Accepted papers will be published prior to the meeting
  in PSA 1994, Vol. 1.  A finished manuscript (one hard copy and one on
  floppy disk, the latter produced using any standard word processor)
  must be submitted within three weeks of acceptance.  Notification
  about the status of submissions should be received in late February.
  Authors of accepted papers are expected to present abbreviated
  versions of their papers, with a time limit of 20 minutes (plus
  discussion).  The Philosophy of Science Association has no funds
  to support travel to the meeting.

  Address inquiries and submissions to:
  Richard M. Burian, Chair
  1994 PSA Program Committee
  Center for the Study of Science in Society
  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  Blacksburg, VA 24061-0247   Telephone:  (703) 231-6760

  In addition to Professor Burian, the Program Committee consists of:
  David Gooding (University of Bath), Gary Hatfield (University of
  Pennsylvania), Don Howard (University of Kentucky), Helen Longino
  (Rice University), Miriam Solomon (Temple University), and James
  Woodward (California Institute of Technology).

  Non-members who wish to receive registration information should
  contact the PSA in the summer of 1994 at the following address:
  PSA Business Office
  Department of Philosophy
  503 South Kedzie Hall
  Michigan State University
  East Lansing, MI 48824-1032
  Telephone:  (517) 353-9392

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