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<4:86>From sally@pogo.isp.pitt.edu  Mon Dec 20 14:40:44 1993

To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Re: Renfrew, Greenberg, etc.
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 93 15:44:08 -0500
From: Sally Thomason <sally@pogo.isp.pitt.edu>

  In response to Linda Wolfe's query about why we guys don't
publish in places like Current Anthropology: as I think an
earlier poster mentioned, critical commentaries on the
distant-relationship proposals *have* appeared in Current
Anthropology, as well as in other places.  There was a CA article
+ commentaries by & on Greenberg and a couple of non-linguists in
(I think) 1986, before Greenberg's book Language in the Americas
was published; there was an article by Bates, Goddard, et al.
on Cavalli-Sforza's proposals (including linguistic ones) in a
later issue of CA, and then a response by Cavalli-Sforza, and
then another reply by Bates, Goddard et al. [I may have this
sequence wrong, because the details are fuzzy in my mind];
and I *think* there was also a synopsis of Greenberg's
1987 book, with commentaries following, in CA.

   Sally Thomason

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