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Date: Thu, 13 Jan 1994 01:12:23 -0500 (EST)
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Subject: January 13 -- Today in the Historical Sciences
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1794 (200 years ago today): PROSPER GARNOT is born at Brest, France.  As
an assistant surgeon in the French navy, Garnot will sail under Duperrey
on the _Coquille_ during its circumnavigation of the globe (1822-1825).
In the company of the naturalist Rene-Primevere Lesson, Garnot will collect
extensively along the coasts of South America and in the Pacific, although
many of his specimens will be lost in a shipwreck in July of 1824.  With
Lesson he will author the zoological section of the voyage's report, _Voyage
autour du monde execute par order du roi sur la corvette La Coquille pendant
les annees 1822-1825_, which will be published in Paris between 1828 and 1832.

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