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Subject: January 16 -- Today in the Historical Sciences
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1894 (100 years today): ALEKSANDER FEDOROVICH MIDDENDORF dies at Khellenurme,
Estonia.  Middendorf received his medical degree from Dorpat University in
1837, and continued his studies of natural history in Germany and Austria.
During 1839 he travelled with von Baer to the Kola Peninsula, and in 1843 and
1844 he explored Siberia under the auspices of the St. Petersburg Academy of
Sciences, a trip that led to the founding of the Russian Geographical Society.
In the report on his Siberian expedition, _Reise in den aussersten Norden und
Osten Sibiriens wahrend der Jahre 1843 und 1844_ (St. Petersburg, 1848-1875),
Middendorf made a number of important observations on the nature of species
and on biogeographical patterns in the polar region.

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