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<5:115>From whr@u.washington.edu  Thu Jan 20 17:13:49 1994

Date: Thu, 20 Jan 1994 15:16:37 -0800 (PST)
From: William Rodgers <whr@u.washington.edu>
Subject: 2d Annual Conference on Law, Biology, & Human Behavior
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu

                    Third Annual Conference
                       June 15 - 20, 1994
                    Squaw Valley, California

                 LAW, BIOLOGY, & HUMAN BEHAVIOR

                           sponsored by
        Gruter Institute for Law and Behavioral Research
                   Continuing Legal Education,
             University of Washington School of Law

This is an announcement of the Third Annual Conference on Law,
Biology, and Human Behavior (Applications of Biology in the Study
of Law) that will be held at Squaw Valley, California June 15-20,
1994. The conference offers an opportunity for law professors to
receive basic information on evolutionary social theory
(selfishness, altruism, kin-selection), primatology, ethology,
ecology, anthropology, game theory, and related subjects pertinent
to the study of law. The choice of topics and approaches best
suited to this interdisciplinary endeavor requires dialogue and
discussion. The meeting is organized around five days with morning
lectures and workshops in the afternoons or evenings. In these
workshops groups of participants engage in discussion of the
topics, analyze findings and their implications, introduce and
discuss alternative perspectives, summarize their findings and have
an opportunity to bring their questions directly to the experts in
the various fields.

Over the last two years, more than 100 law professors have attended
previous conferences, which were under the direction of Professor
William Rodgers, Jr. Last year's speakers included C. Thomas
Schelling, the well known game theorist; F. Sherwood Rowland,
retiring president of the AAAS and co-discoverer of the impact of
chlorofluorocarbons on the ozone layer; primatologist Frans de
Waal, whose published works include Chimpanzee Politics and
Peacemaking among Primates; Robert Trivers, who is responsible for
reciprocal altruism theory; and Robert Frank, Cornell economist,
author of the popular book Passions within Reason.

This conference will be of special interest to those teaching in
the subjects of environmental and constitutional law, law and
anthropology, law and economics, family law, and other subjects
directly influenced by recent studies of human behavior.

Director:      Professor William H. Rodgers, Jr.
               University of Washington, School of Law

Co-Director:   Professor Oliver Goodenough
               Vermont Law School

Co-Director:   Professor Mark Grady
               UCLA School of Law


Wednesday, June 15
     Travel day, reception and dinner

Thursday, June 16
     Evolutionary Theory and Social Behavior

Friday, June 17
     Ethology and Primate Behavior

Saturday, June 18
     Economics, Biology, and Law
     Legal Applications of an Economics Approach to Law and Biology

Sunday, June 19
     Anthropology, Biology, and Law
     Legal Applications: The Evolution of Law

Monday, June 20
     Environmental Law
     Teaching Law and Biology

Conference ends at noon.


Frans de Waal, Professor of Primatology
Yerkes Primate Research Center at Emory University

E. Donald Elliott, Professor of Law, Yale Law School

Robert Frank, Professor of Economics, Cornell University

Roger Masters, Professor of Government, Dartmouth College

Michael McGuire, Professor of Biobehavioral Science, UCLA

Gordon Orians, Professor of Zoology, University of Washington

William Rodgers, Professor of Law, University of Washington

Lionel Tiger, Professor of Anthropology, Rutgers University

Robert Trivers, Professor of Biology, UC Santa Cruz


Law and the Mind: Biological Origins of Human Behavior (1991); M.
Gruter. Sage Publications, Newbury Park, CA.

The Sense of Justice: An Inquiry into the Biological Foundations of
Law (1992); R. D. Masters and M. Gruter, Editors; Sage
Publications, Newbury Park, CA.

Law, Biology and Culture, Second Edition (1992); M. Gruter and P.
Bohannan, Editors; McGraw-Hill Primis.

Biology, Law and Human Social Behavior. An Interdisciplinary Reader
(1992); R. D. Masters, Editor; McGraw-Hill Primis.

Human Nature and the New Europe (1993); M.T. McGuire and Gruter
Institute, Editors; Westview Press, Boulder, CO.

Rechtsverhalten - Biologische Grundlagen mit Beispielen aus dem
Familien- und Umweltrecht (1993) M. Gruter, Verlag Dr. Otto
Schmidt; Koln, Germany.

Der Faktor Mensch im neuen Europa (1993); M.T. McGuire and Gruter
Institute, Editors, Luchterhand Verlag, Kriftel, Germany.

Biology, Law and the Environment (1993) M. T. McGuire and M.
Rehbinder, Editors, Duncker & Hurnblot Verlag, Berlin, Germany.

Law and Democracy in the New Russia (1993);B. Smith and G.
Danilenko, Editors; The Brookings Institution Press, Washington,
The Neurotransmitter Revolution (1993); R. D. Masters and M. T.
McGuire, Editors; Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale,


The registration fee is $250, which includes room and board at
Squaw Valley Inn and conference materials. Participants who wish to
bring spouses or family may do so, but the price of their meals (or
additional rooms) is not included.

The meeting schedule includes time to enjoy the beautiful
surroundings in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lake Tahoe.

Most convenient flight arrangements are through Reno, Nevada, which
is about an hour (limousine service) from Squaw Valley.

For information and application, please call or write:
Gerti Dieker--Gruter Institute for Law and Behavioral Research
158 Goya Road, Portola Valley, CA 94028
Tel: 415 / 854-1191 - Fax: 415 / 854-1192

Limited space available - please apply by February 15, 1994.

This conference is made possible by a grant from the Ann and Gordon
Getty Foundation.  It is co-sponsored by Continuing Legal
Education, Washington Law School Foundation, University of
Washington School of Law, Seattle, Washington.

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