Darwin-L Message Log 5:146 (January 1994)

Academic Discussion on the History and Theory of the Historical Sciences

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<5:146>From hoffmeyer@mermaid.molbio.ku.dk  Wed Jan 26 05:38:39 1994

Subject: intro
To: Darwin-L@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
From: hoffmeyer@mermaid.molbio.ku.dk
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 94 12:52:53 +0100

I am a new member of the Darwin list. Although being a professor at the
Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Copenhagen, my present
research interests concern theoretical biology, theory of science and
history of biology. I am particularly engaged in developing the new field
of biosemiotics, i.e. the study of entities and processes of life from a
semiotic or sign-theoretic point of view.
Jesper Hoffmeyer
University of Copenhagen
Institute of Molecular Biology
The Biosemiotics Group
83, Solvgade
DK - 1307 Copenhagen K
Tel. 3532 2032, Fax. 3532 2040
E-mail: hoffmeyer@mermaid.molbio.ku.dk.

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