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<5:154>From sturkel@cosy.nyit.edu  Wed Jan 26 15:18:18 1994

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 1994 16:25:53 -0500
From: sturkel@cosy.nyit.edu
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: Re: understanding evolution

There are also forms of evolution that do not require increased
or differential fitness, if we are using the term evolution
to mean a statistically significant change in allele frequencies
over time.  Therefore, it is not necessary to confuse the increase
in so-called 3rd world populations numbers with increased fitness.

Hardy and Weinberg's theorem allows for a number of ways to change
frequencies, since they posit a number of fixed variables in order
to keep frequencies constant.

On the other hand, the largest population may be the same as the
population which invented paper and gunpowder.

spencer turkel
dept. life science
New York Institute of Technology
Old Westbury NY

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