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<5:176>From JMARKS@YALEVM.CIS.YALE.EDU  Thu Jan 27 09:44:59 1994

Date: Thu, 27 Jan 94 10:40:46 EST
From: Jon Marks <JMARKS@YaleVM.CIS.Yale.edu>
Organization: Yale University
Subject: Re: tools
To: Multiple recipients of list <darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu>

Basically, I think the situation is: if the Bills or the Cowboys were playing
the Chimps, you'd want to have your money on the Chimps.  They're stronger and
faster.  However, since they use their forelimbs in locomotion, they'd
probably fumble a lot.  And since their brains are small, you could probably
confuse them with zone coverage, and trick them into jumping offsides.
    Just my facetious way of saying humans are very variable, and in the ways
in which we have diverged from the apes we have gotten "better" in some
variables and "worse" in others.  It all sums to zero, doesn't it?  If it
didn't, we'd have orthogenesis.
         --Jon Marks

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