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<6:75>From mahaffy@dordt.edu  Mon Feb 14 11:04:19 1994

Subject: Paleontology scholarly lists
To: Address Darwin list <Darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 11:07:34 -0600 (CST)
From: James Mahaffy <mahaffy@dordt.edu>

Geologists and paleontologists,

Back in October I posted an question asking about scholarly lists in
paleontology.  It appears that there is a lack of lists or news groups.
There were several people that asked to share what I found so I include
that below.

If you are interested in Carboniferous (my interest) or Cretaceous
palynology, Robert Ravn up in Anchorage, Alaska (907) 346-2142 has a
nice data base of sapore taxa and rather extensive bibliography that can
be run on an IBM machine and at least used to be free.
There does not seem to be a lot on the network. I list what I found from
others and at the end list a couple of fairly good places to go to if you
have gopher.

#1 Bob Plotnick seems to sum it up best

From: plotnick%Plotnick.GEOL.UIC.EDU@UIC.EDU
To: James Mahaffy <@UIC.EDU:mahaffy@dordt.edu>
Subject: Re:  List servers in Paleontology

Jim: As far as I am aware, the only newsgroups that touch on paleontology
are sci.geology, sci.bio.evolution, and (a bizarre one!) talk.origins.
My gopher ("Paleontological Society") is a start in that direction,
but I really didn't want to moderate a newsgroup. - Roy Plotnick
Geological Sciences, U. Ill. Chicago, 312-996-2111.

#2 (from John Mathews

Date: Wed, 13 Oct 93 05:19:16 EDT
From: "John V Matthews Jr." <af763@freenet.carleton.ca>
To: mahaffy@dordt.edu
Subject: Usenet and paleontology


I too have searched usenet for a space on paleontology and paleoecology.
I will be interested to see what response you get from your posting on
Darwin-L.  In the meantime you might want to check on the paleoecology
activities at the Geological Survey of Canada.  You can get a sense of
what we are up too by telneting "freenet.carleton.ca", logging on as a
guest or visitor (whichever one is in the logon instructions) and typing
"go gsc" at the "==>" prompt.  Please feel free to leave and comments in
the comment area, which also appears in usenet as "ncf.set.gsc".

                             JOHN MATTHEWS
          matthews@cc2smtp.emr.ca; af763@freenet.carleton.ca

#3 And from David Lipps (if you are interested in mollusks yuckk -

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 93 13:08:43 PDT
From: Jere Lipps <jlipps@ucmp1.Berkeley.EDU>
To: mahaffy@dordt.edu
Subject: Paleo

David Lindberg at UC Museum of Paleo runs a mollusk list that has lots of

#4 Trevor mentions a paleobotany list and it is professional but not
too active.  I subscribed.

From: Trevor Hill <IWTH@giraffe.ru.ac.za>
Organization:  Rhodes University
To: mahaffy@dordt.edu
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1993 18:21:27 GMT+0200
Subject: Palaeo-servers

So far the only one that I have come across is
listserv@vax.rhbnc.ac.uk which is for Palaeobotany.
Can subscribe by entering Subscribe PALAEOBOTANY. Have been able to
get hold of the INQUA newsletters (pollen stuff) via gopher which I
have found really helpful - if you are interested I can try to work
out how I actually got to it. Hope this is of some help to you -
think ya isolated you should try to do this from South Africa.
Best of luck
Trevor Hill
Rhodes University
Grahamstown, South Africa.

Finally there are a few places I found on gopher and set bookmarks to. I
include that information from my gopher file. Just gopher to the host
and then go down to the path to find the right menu.
Name=Other Geology Gophers
Name=Earth Science Resources (GeoGopher)

James F. Mahaffy                   e-mail: mahaffy@dordt.edu
Biology Department                 phone: 712 722-6279
Dordt College                      FAX 712 722-1198
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