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<6:104>From DARWIN@iris.uncg.edu  Mon Feb 28 20:34:15 1994

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 1994 21:37:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: DARWIN@iris.uncg.edu
Subject: New list on genealogical database formats (fwd from NEW-LIST)
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Organization: University of NC at Greensboro

Here's an announcement of a new list for discussion of genealogical database
formats.  I thought it might be of interest to some Darwin-L members.

Bob O'Hara (darwin@iris.uncg.edu)

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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 1994 16:26:18 CST
From: Cliff Manis <cmanis@csf.com>
Subject: NEW: GEDCOM-L - GEnealogical Data COMmunications

         or LISTSERV@vm1.nodak.edu

   The GEDCOM-L list is for the discussion of most any info pertaining
   to the enhancement of the GEnealogical Data COMmunications (GEDCOM)
   data format.

   It is an unmoderated list for the discussion of ideas concerning how
   Genealogical Data is now stored in GEDCOM data files, and how GEDCOM
   may be changed or enhanced to help programmers take advantage of the
   many new ways to interface their paper files with a computer program
   which will handle all their information, and store it in a useful

   Topics such as standardization in the future will be a main concern,
   and any reasonable suggestions are welcome.  This list is open to
   anyone wishing to SUBSCRIBE and especially those who are developers
   of Genealogical Software.  Discussion of topics specific to the
   problems of the current specifications, and why there are so many
   different 'so-called' standards at present, are encouraged.  Topics
   on this list may include any aspects of the GEDCOM Data format and
   its development for future users of Genealogical software..

   Archives of GEDCOM-L are kept in weekly files.  You may obtain a
   list of those files by sending the command


   in the BODY of e-mail to LISTSERV@NDSVUM1 when using BITNET or to
   LISTSERV@vm1.nodak.edu on the Internet.

   To subscribe, send the following command in the BODY of mail to
   LISTSERV@NDSUVM1 from BITNET or to LISTSERV@vm1.nodak.edu on the

      SUB GEDCOM-L firstname lastname

   For example:

      SUB GEDCOM-L Cliff Manis

   All mail sent to either GEDCOM-L@NDSUVM1 or GEDCOM-L@VM1.NODAK.EDU
   will be distributed by LISTSERV to every subscriber of the GEDCOM-L

   Owner:  Cliff Manis  cmanis@csf.com

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