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<7:36>From DARWIN@iris.uncg.edu  Sun Mar 13 16:30:02 1994

Date: Sun, 13 Mar 1994 17:30:00 -0500 (EST)
From: DARWIN@iris.uncg.edu
Subject: History-oriented discussion groups
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Organization: University of NC at Greensboro

A listing of history-oriented discussion groups was recently posted on the
CLASSICS list, and I reproduce an edited version of it here for the possible
interest of Darwin-L members.  Most of these groups treat standard civil
history rather than the historical sciences (evolution, archeology, historical
linguistics, geology, etc.), but it may be of interest to some people just
to see what's out there.  Discussion groups come and go, so it isn't possible
to guarantee that all of the groups below still are active, nor can I provide
any more information about them than appears below.  Darwin-L continues to
occupy a special niche that isn't otherwise covered, thanks to your many

Two lists appear here; first a list of Classics and ancient history lists:

AEGEANET    (pre-classical Greece)
            majordomo@acpub.duke.edu   subscribe aegeanet

AIA-L       (archaeology and technology)
            mailserv@cc.brynmawr.edu   subscribe aia-l

ANCIEN-L    (ancient history)
            listserv@ulkyvm.louisville.edu   subscribe ancien-l [your name]

ANE         (ancient near east)
            majordomo@oi.uchicago.edu  subscribe ane

ARCH-L      (archaeology)
            listserv@tamvm1.tamu.edu   subscribe arch-l [your name]

AUGUSTINE   (James O'Donnell's on-line Augustine seminar)
            listserv@ccat.sas.upenn.edu  subscribe augustine [your name]

BMCR-L      (Bryn Mawr Classical Review)
            listserv@cc.brynmawr.edu   subscribe bmcr-l [your name]

BYZANS-L    (Byzantine studies)
            listserv@mizzou1.missouri.edu  subscribe byzans-l [your name]

CAAL        (computers & ancient languages)
            caal-owner@ff.cuni.cz  subscribe caal [your name]

CLASSICS    (classics and mediterranean archaeology)
            listserv@uwavm.u.washington.edu   subscribe classics

ELECTRONIC ANTIQUITY (Electronic journal: communicating the classics)
            antiquity-editor@classics.utas.edu.au subscribe EA [your name]

ELENCHUS    (early christianity)
            listserv@acadvm1.uottawa.ca  subscribe elenchus [your name]

IBYCUS-L    (ibycus)
            listserv@vm.ucs.edu  subscribe ibycus-l [your name]

IOUDAIOS    (early judaism)
            listserv@vm1.yorku.ca   subscribe ioudaios [your name]

LATIN-L     (latin and `neo-latin' discussions)
            listserv@psuvm.psu.edu   subscribe latin-l [your name]

LEXI        (Greek & Latin language/lexicography)
            listserv@uci.edu  subscribe lexi [your name]

NT-GREEK    (new testament Greek)
            nt-greek-request@virginia.edu   subscribe nt-greek [your name]

PAPY        (papyrology)
            listserv@igl.ku.dk  subscribe papy [your name]

PERSEUS     (perseus)
            listserv@brownvm.brown.edu  subscribe perseus [your name]

PERSIA-L    (Persian period: 6th-4th BCE)
            listserv@emuvm1.cc.emory.edu  [subscribe persia-l [your name]

SOPHIA      (ancient philosphy)
            listserv@liverpool.ac.uk  subscribe sophia [your name]

The second list includes all bitnet listservs having something to do with
history; subscribe by sending SUBSCRIBE <your name> to LISTSERV@<nodename>:

AERA-F           AERA-F@ASUACAD    AERA-F Division F: History and Historiograp
AMWEST-H         AMWEST-H@UMRVMB   AmWest-H - American West History Forum
ANCIEN-L         ANCIEN-L@ULKYVM   History of the Ancient Mediterranean
ASTR-L           ASTR-L@UIUCVMD    Theatre History Discussion List - Amer. Soc
CLIOLOGY         CLIOLOGY@MSU      Theories of History
COMHIST          COMHIST@RPITSVM   History of human communication
ECONHIST         ECONHIST@MIAMIU   Teaching and Research in Economic History
EMHIST-L         EMHIST-L@RUTVM1   EMHIST-L Early Modern History Forum
ESPORA-L         ESPORA-L@UKANVM   History of the Iberian Peninsula
ETHNOHIS         ETHNOHIS@HEARN    ETHNOHIS: General Ethnology and History Dis
FRANCEHS         FRANCEHS@UWAVM    FRANCEHS List for French history scholars
H-ALBION         H-ALBION@UICVM    H-Net British and Irish History discussion
H-ASIA           H-ASIA@UICVM      Asian History list
H-CIVWAR         H-CIVWAR@UICVM    Civil War History discussion list
H-DIPLO          H-DIPLO@UICVM     H-DIPLO Diplomatic History discussion list
H-DURKHM         H-DURKHM@UICVM    Durkheim History discussion list
H-ETHNIC         H-ETHNIC@UICVM    Ethnic History discussion list
H-FILM           H-FILM@UICVM      History of film discussion list
H-GRAD           H-GRAD@UICVM      H-Net History Graduate Students discussion
H-IDEAS          H-IDEAS@UICVM     H-NET Intellectual History List
H-ITALY          H-ITALY@UICVM     Italian History List
H-LABOR          H-LABOR@UICVM     H-Net Labor History discussion list
H-LATAM          H-LATAM@UICVM     Latin American History discussion list
H-LAW            H-LAW@UICVM       Legal History discussion list
H-POL            H-POL@UICVM       H-Net Political History discussion list
H-RURAL          H-RURAL@UICVM     H-Rural Rural & Agricultural History discus
H-RUSSIA         H-RUSSIA@UICVM    Russian History list
H-SOUTH          H-SOUTH@UICVM     H-South U.S. Southern History discussion li
H-TEACH          H-TEACH@UICVM     H-Net Teaching History discussion list
H-URBAN          H-URBAN@UICVM     H-URBAN Urban History discussion list
H-WOMEN          H-WOMEN@UICVM     H-WOMEN Women's History discussion list
HABSBURG         HABSBURG@PURCCVM  Austrian History since 1500
HASTRO-L         HASTRO-L@WVNVM    History of Astronomy Discussion Group
HISLAW-L         HISLAW-L@ULKYVM   History of Law (Feudal, Common, Canon)
HIST-L           HIST-L@UKANVM     (Peered) History - Peer Distribution List
HISTEC-L         HISTEC-L@UKANVM   History of evangelical Christianity
HISTORY          HISTORY@CSEARN    (Peered) History
                 HISTORY@IRLEARN   (Peered) History
                 HISTORY@MCGILL1   (Peered) History - History Discussion Forum
                 HISTORY@PSUVM     (Peered) History Discussion Forum
                 HISTORY@RUTVM1    (Peered) History Discussion Forum
                 HISTORY@UBVM      (Peered) History Discussion Forum
                 HISTORY@UMRVMB    (Peered) History Discussion List
HISTORYA         HISTORYA@UWAVM    HISTORYA History Department
HISTOWNR         HISTOWNR@UBVM     HistOwnr - Discussion list for owners of hi
HN-ASK-L         HN-ASK-L@UKANVM   History Network Forum
HOPOS-L          HOPOS-L@UKCC      A Forum for Discussion of the History of th
HPSST-L          HPSST-L@QUCDN     History and Philosophy of Science and Scien
HTECH-L          HTECH-L@SIVM      History of Technology Discussion
IEAHCNET         IEAHCNET@UICVM    American Colonial History Discussion List
ISLAM-L          ISLAM-L@ULKYVM    History of Islam
KUHIST-L         KUHIST-L@UKANVM   History at KU
MAPHIST          MAPHIST@HARVARDA  Map History Discussion List
MEDIEV-L         MEDIEV-L@UKANVM   Medieval History
MILHST-L         MILHST-L@UKANVM   Military History
OHA-L            OHA-L@UKCC        Oral History Association Discussion List
PERSIA-L         PERSIA-L@EMUVM1   Jewish Literature and History in the Persia
RENAIS-L         RENAIS-L@ULKYVM   Early Modern History - Renaissance
RUSHIST          RUSHIST@CSEARN    (Peered) RusHist - Russian History Forum
                 RUSHIST@UMRVMB    (Peered) RusHist - Russian History Forum
SHARP-L          SHARP-L@IUBVM     SHARP-L Society for the History of Authorsh
SHOTHC-L         SHOTHC-L@SIVM     History of Computing Issues
SOVHIST          SOVHIST@CSEARN    (Peered) SovHist - Soviet History Forum
                 SOVHIST@UMRVMB    (Peered) SovHist - Soviet History Forum
STUDIUM          STUDIUM@BLEKUL11  University history discussion list
WHIRL            WHIRL@PSUVM       Women's History in Rhetoric and Language
WHR-L            WHR-L@PSUVM       Women's History in Rhetoric
WORLD-L          WORLD-L@UBVM      World-L - Forum on non-Eurocentric world hi

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