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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 19:39:35 -0600 (CST)
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Subject: March 16 -- Today in the Historical Sciences
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1794 (200 years ago today): AMI BOUE is born at Hamburg, Germany.  The son of
a shipbuilder, Boue will be orphaned at the age of eleven and will be raised
by relatives in France and Switzerland.  After receiving an inheritance at the
age of twenty, he will emigrate to Scotland where he will study medicine at
the University of Edinburgh.  Under the influence of Robert Jamieson, Boue's
interests will turn to botany and especially geology, and after returning to
the Continent he will travel extensively making geological observations.  His
_Essai geologique sur l'Ecosse_ will appear in 1820, and his _Geognotisches
Gemalde von Deutschland_ will follow several years later.  In 1830 he will
join with a group of French geologists to found the Societe Geologique de
France, and Boue will serve as president of that society in 1835.  His
comprehensive _Essai de carte geologique du globe terrestre_ will appear in
1845, and he will retire to Austria, where he will die, at Voslau, in 1881.

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