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<7:54>From dasher@netcom.com  Thu Mar 17 01:10:47 1994

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 1994 23:11:46 -0800
From: dasher@netcom.com (Anton Sherwood)
To: darwin-l@ukanaix.cc.ukans.edu
Subject: how quickly would proto-human genes spread?

> There can, of course, be *some* gene flow.  Exchange of
> individuals between neighboring villages or camps could
> lead to the spread of new genetic variants over thousands
> of miles, *given enough time*.  That's the rub.

I read somewhere that polydactyly in cats, which first appeared
as a mutation in 18th c. Boston, has been spreading in New England
at a fraction of a mile per year (1/5?).  Does this help any?

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